Carmen Yupanqui Zaa interview June 26, 2007

Carmen Yupanqui Zaa

Carmen Yupanqui Zaa

Interviewed on: June 26, 2007

Interviewed by: Ellie Mendez

 Ms. Carmen Yupanqui Zaa talks about her childhood in Lima, Peru, her Peruvian traditions (carnival, Christmas, New Years, Prom) and celebrations, and her move to Utah when she was 26 years old to study for a Master’s degree in Irrigation Engineering. She also talks about the birth of her daughter in Utah and the differences she perceives between life in Peru and life in Utah and her desire to help her country, which she notes there are "many poor people there." She also spoke about traveling to Colorado in 2006 to vote for the Peruvian presidential elections at the Peruvian Consulate in Colorado.