Latino Voices

Luis Espinoza with Brisa (13 months old)

Photograph taken by Karl Germeck

Historically, working age Latino men have outnumbered Latina women of similar ages. Likewise, immigration rates have been greater for Latino men in Cache Valley. The 1970 Census counted 192 males (57%) and 147 females (43%) for the “Spanish origin” population. Oftentimes, husbands and fathers would relocate to Cache Valley first and later be joined by their wife and family. “I went to California when I first came to the States,” Ena Murillo recalled, “because that’s where my husband was….[He] moved up one year before I did.” This trend has shifted in Cache Valley during recent years. The 2010 census revealed only a slight discrepancy with 52% male and 48% female. This evolving percentage in Cache Valley is similar to immigration experiences in other places, which show that women and men immigrate at approximately the same rate. The Hispanic Latino population in Cache Valley also includes a large number of young, second generation immigrants, those born in the U.S., but having at least one foreign parent. Furthermore, the rates of new Latino born male and female babies are nearly equal; while the current percentage of Latino youth in Cache Valley represents a large proportion of its total group population.