St. Anne's Retreat


St Anne's Retreat Graphic

Legendary St. Anne’s Retreat in Logan Canyon has been the source of a contemporary oral tradition and legend-tripping for the last fifty years.  Local legends tell of a haunted place with stories laced in ancient themes telling of nuns and priests secretly engaging in sexual encounters, nuns getting pregnant by priests, giving birth and drowning their babies in the legendary pool.

This exhibit explores the meaning behind these legends, the circumstances around this event and how religious folklore and other cultural constructs play important roles in the maintenance of a vivid local legend cluster.  


  • Anna-Maria Arnljots - author and content development, digital exhibit creation, metadata, Special Collections & Archives 
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Special thanks to the Herald Journal and chief photographer Eli Lucero for providing images for the exhibit and digital collection; and to photographers Mitch Mascaro, John Wilkin, and John Zsiray for the amazing images.