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St. John's Episcopal Church Digital Collection

Graphic for the St. John's Episcopal Church Digital Collection that reads St. John's Episcopal Church Collections and has a black and white image of the church from a historical photograph to the right.
ENTER THE COLLECTION The history of St. John’s Episcopal Church begins in 1873 and continues to the present day. The church, through both its clergy and congregation, has provided valuable contributions in the field of education, helping grow th...

(In) The Road of Progress: The West Side and I-15

Graphic for the Special Collections Selected Items digital exhibit
Having long been the largest city in the state and a key transportation hub of the Intermountain West, Salt Lake City has seen a large and continually growing number of people and goods moving in and out of the city on a daily basis. In the past ...

National Champions! Title IX and the 1978 USU Volleyball Team

Graphic for the Island Market Digital Exhibit
In 1978, the women’s volleyball team won Utah State University its first national championship, the culmination of years of hard work and dedication by the players and coaches. However, the story of these national champions is more than just the...

The Island Market: Logan's Historic Corner Market

Graphic for the Island Market Digital Exhibit
This exhibit showcases the Island Market, a corner store that has grown to become one of the oldest locally-owned grocery store locations in Logan, Utah. The building at 400 East and Center Street, originally built in 1919, houses this local corner...

The Canals of Providence City

Graphic for Providence Canals
This exhibit explores the history of the canals which have carried water to Providence City, Utah, since its founding in 1859.  An examination of the canals of Providence City provides a glimpse into the practices which allowed settlers in th...

Talking to America: Iranian Communities in Southern California

Talking to America Graphic
Southern California has been home to the largest Iranian diasporic population for more than four decades. The area saw a growth of new Iranian immigrants in the late 1970s and early 1980s as a result of the Iranian Revolution and establishment of t...


Exploring the West in the Golden Age of Photography

“Exploring the West in the Golden Age of Photography” discusses American Western photography from roughly 1860 to 1880 and encourages educators to utilize these amazing primary sources for instruction. Historic photographs provide an excelle...


100 Years of Congregation Brith Sholem: Honoring the Jewish Community in Ogden, Utah

Graphic for Brith Sholem
On August 21, 1921, over 2,000 people of various denominations gathered at 2750 Grant Avenue between Twenty-Seventh and Twenty-Eighth Streets in Ogden, Utah, to witness the laying of the cornerstone for Congregation Brith Sholem. Former Governor ...


USU and Point Four in Iran

Graphic for USU and Point Four
In 1951 the Point Four Program awarded a contract to Utah State Agricultural College to improve agricultural production in Iran. The program was a federal policy designed to counter the influence of communist Russia in the area, as well as share Am...

Bells: Connecting Animals, People, and Land

Graphic for Animal Bells
Animals are belled throughout the world; from goats to chickens, sheep to camels, and horses to oxen, bells connect animals to people and their landscapes. At the same time, bells provide a comforting sound in a remote environment. Bells are more t...

Zane Grey's 1922 Rainbow Bridge Trip

Graphic for the Zane Grey 1922 Rainbow Bridge Trip digital exhibit
“For many years this mountain world has been an elevating sight for me. More than ten years ago I rode out under their shadows with old Buffalo Jones and the Mormons, on my first wild trip. I did not dream then that it was turning my face to fame...

Telling Our Story: 130 Years of Aggie Women

Graphic for Telling Our Story: 130 Years of Aggie Women digital exhibit
“Women in the past have a dreadful tendency to disappear in a cloud of anonymity and silence,… and one does feel impelled to recover their voices and stories.” -Carolyn Heilbrun From the opening of the Agricultural College of Utah in 1890 to...

There Were Children on the Battleground: Japanese and Filipino Youth in the Second World War

There Were Children on the Battleground project graphic
War was a horrible experience for nearly everyone in the Pacific, regardless of nation, race, or age. This is why many Pacific nations created their own “victim” narratives. Many western nations and Asian nations alike criticize ...

Convicting the Innocent: Japanese American Youth at Topaz

Digital exhibit graphic for Convicting the Innocent – Japanese American Youth at Topaz graphic
In March 1942, just months after Pearl Harbor, the United States government forcibly relocated over 120,000 Japanese Americans from the West Coast, citing it as a military necessity. Both the U.S. government and citizens alike feared that Japanese ...


The Utah-Idaho Central Railroad: Northern Utah’s Interurban Experience

Utah-Idaho Central Railroad project graphic
Following the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad at Promontory, Utah, in 1869, railroads became a popular means of transportation and a symbol of progress throughout the United States. Businessmen and companies in the West quickly attempte...


Outdoor Recreation Catalogs & Magazines

exhibit graphic
With its explosive growth over the last few decades, the outdoor industry has firmly positioned itself as a significant part of the commercial, environmental, and social fabric of the country. One way to examine this impact is through gear cat...


Old Ephraim: The Legendary Grizzly of the Bear River Range

“He could see without being seen, hear without being heard, and kill without being killed.” —from “The Story of Old Ephraim” by Orson Ryan The story of Old Ephraim has circulated since the early twentieth century, when the legendary gr...


Cache Valley: An Airminded Community

Sharing the Legacy: The Traveling Cache Valley Aviation Exhibit This exhibit is designed to make people aware of the rich aviation heritage that exists in Cache Valley and how the airmindedness of locals has helped shape Cache Valley for the bette...

Musical Visions of America: The 1948–49 Residency of Roy and Johana Harris at USAC

Harris exhibit graphic
“There is much to do which is thoroughly worthwhile doing in that little empire of mountains and valleys.” —Roy Harris Drawing from correspondence, concert programs, newspaper clippings, and photographs in the Utah State Univers...

I Remember When . . . : Memories and Moments in Mendon, Utah

Memories shape and bind a community together, like in the city of Mendon, which holds a special place in the hearts of those fortunate enough to call it home. I Remember When . . . : Memories and Moments in Mendon, Utah utilizes materials housed in...

Remembering Main Street

USU Special Collections & Archives created Remembering Main Street to allow community members to view its photographs of Main Street in Logan, Utah, in a single online portal. Over 400 images of the downtown business district are browsable by l...


A World Transformed: The Transcontinental Railroad and Utah

Transcontinental Railroad Exhibit Graphic
May 10, 2019, marks the 150th anniversary of the completion of the first North American transcontinental railroad. Most people know of the ceremony at Promontory Summit on May 10, 1869, where the Union Pacific and Central Pacific Railroads joined a...


The American Guide Series: American Culture Defined

The American Guide graphic
The American Guide Series is a collection of guidebooks written by authors working for the Federal Writers’ Project (FWP). The FWP was a unit of the Works Progress Administration that was part of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal created dur...


Bushnell, Intermountain, and USU: Discovery, Education, and Tradition

Bushnell Intermountain USU graphic
These exhibits will take you into the history of Brigham City. You will learn about the early days of the Brigham area, discover the history of Bushnell Hospital, and jump into the era of the Intermountain Indian School that used the buildings of B...

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A Century of Service: Logan Rotary at 100

Logan Rotary Exhibit Graphic
In the aftermath of World War I, Logan community leaders started a local chapter of a fledgling American service club, the Rotary. Logan’s Rotary Club, which followed other chapters in Utah’s larger cities such as Ogden and Salt Lake City, caug...


Where the Sagebrush Grows: A History of USU Homecoming Traditions

Where the Sagebrush Grows Digital Exhibit graphic
Beginning with alumni reunions, Utah State University (USU) has a long tradition of inviting graduates back home to campus. Customary Homecoming celebrations began on college campuses in America during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centur...


Student Exhibits

ENGL 4360, Spring 2017: Studies in Film

 ENGL 4360 Graphic
Welcome to Childhood, Identity, and Coming of Age in Film! This exhibition was created by students in Dr. Mattie Burkert's spring 2017 Studies in Film course at Utah State University. Enter Student Created Exhibits Credits:  Maddie A...

ENGL 4750/6750, Summer 2015: Voices: Eritrean Refugees in Cache Valley, Utah

 Voices-Eritrean Graphic
Voices: Refugees in Cache Valley In May 2015, Utah State University’s Fife Folklore Archives, Folklore Program, and The American Folklife Center  at the Library of Congress with help from the Eritrean community hosted a Field ...

ENGL 6330, Spring 2018: Haunted by History: The Deep Eighteenth Century

Haunted by History graphic
What is the “deep eighteenth century?” It’s a term coined by theater historian Joseph Roach to describe how our twenty-first-century world remains shaped by events, ideas, and forces set in motion three centuries ago. It’s also an invitatio...

ENGL 6750, Summer 2015: Voices: Burmese Muslims in Cache Valley, Utah

 Voices-BurmeseMuslims Graphic
Voices: Refugees in Cache Valley In May 2015, Utah State University’s Fife Folklore Archives, Folklore Program, and The American Folklife Center  at the Library of Congress with help from the Burmese Muslim community...

ENGL 6750, Summer 2015: Voices: Karen Refugees in Cache Valley, Utah

 Voices-Karen Graphic
In May 2015, Utah State University’s Fife Folklore Archives, Folklore Program, and The American Folklife Center  at the Library of Congress with help from the Karen community hosted a Field School for Cultural Documen...

ENGL 6750, Summer 2017: Jackson Hole Dude Ranching Tradition: Triangle X Ranch

Jackson Hole Dude Ranching Tradition: Triangle X Credits: Kylie Schroeder, Curator Randy Williams, Content contributor and editor, exhibit editor Lisa Gabbert, Content contributor and editor Andrea Graham, Content contributor Alison Gardner, ...

Every Step a Novel

Graphic for Student Oral History digtial exhibit
"We appreciate we’re part of this community. And the same thing, you know the pilgrims who came to this country, who escaped religious persecution, or wanted to have something better for their lives, that’s the same thing that we wanted. And, w...

HIST 3250, Fall 2017: History of Renaissance Europe

 HIST 3250 Graphic
Renaissance in Europe saw a rapid increase in the study of the human body, natural sciences and astronomy. This exhibit looks at primary sources from the period of the Renaissance and afterward showing how that period looked back to ancient sources...

HIST 3250, Spring 2015: The Renaissance in Europe

HIST 3250 Spring 2015 Graphic
In the 2015 spring semester, students in the History of Renaissance Europe class (HIST 3250) undertook a non-traditional research project to use archival materials to create their own digital exhibits. These exhibits showcase unique Renaissance-era...

HIST 3770, Spring 2016: Nuclear West

The Cold War marked a time of concern for, and intense focus on, America’s relationship to nuclear topics. This exhibit, curated by the students of the Spring 2016 History 3770 class, and overseen by Dr. Victoria Grieve, focuses on issues rel...

HIST 3770, Spring 2017: Post World War II Domesticity

 HIST 3770 Graphic
In the decades after World War II, Americans focused on their homes and families as never before. Marriage and birth rates -- across race and class lines -- rose to a 20th century high. Everything from popular culture, leisure activities, marital a...

HIST 3770, Spring 2018: Social Movements of Postwar America

 HIST 3770 Spring 2018 Graphic
Often summed up with reference to “the Sixties,” the social movements of postwar America usually began much earlier, and many persist today. By taking a more local look at national movements like feminism, civil rights, and the battle over publ...

HIST 6020, Spring 2020: Claiming Spaces

Graphic for the HIST 6020, Spring 2020 digital exhibit
In 1890, fourteen-year-old Vendla Berntson became the first student and first woman to register for classes at the newly created Agricultural College of Utah (later Utah State University).[1]  In the 1890s, few women enrolled in college. It wa...

HONR Think Tank, Spring 2016: Food in Cache Valley

HONR Think Tank Spring 2016
These exhibits were created by students in a three-part Honors “Think Tank” offering that explored the themes of agriculture, food, and land through science and social sciences. Students enrolled in one of three sections—Engineeri...

In Search of America: One Barbershop at a Time

This exhibit shows the highlights of a personal odyssey exploring Main Street Barbershops across America.  It also confirms the concept that the Main Street Barbershop is an important mainstay, a perpetual community connecting point, a desired...

SPAN 3040, Fall 2015: Adventures in Spanish Poetry and Grammar

SPAN3040 Graphic
In Fall 2015, Joshua Thoms offered an Advanced Spanish Grammar course which required a research project. The goals of the group project were for students to: familiarize themselves with a Spanish literary genre; analyze text(s); interview an author...