DNO-0055_William Winn Letter.pdf
A letter written on August 2, 1868, from William Winn to his wife and children. William was an employee of the UPRR on a Mormon crew and wrote to his family frequently on Sundays. The letter describes his week and wishes his family well.
A photograph taken by C.R. Savage of three railroad workers in the mouth of Tunnel No. 3 in Weber Canyon, Utah.
DNO-0045_Russell Surveyors.jpg
Stereoview photograph by A.J. Russell. Photograph features a group of railroad surveyors with their equipment in a camp in Weber Canyon in 1868.
DNO-0046_West End Tunnel, No. 3, Weber Canyon.jpg
Stereoview photograph entitled "West End Tunnel, No. 3, Weber Canon. (sic)" Photograph features a crew of railroad workers standing in front of a tunnel dug through Weber Canyon in Utah. Some of the workers are dangling from the cliffs above.
DNO-0047_Looking up the Weber.jpg
Originally a stereoview photograph by A.J. Russell entitled "Looking up the Weber." Numbered as 194. Photograph features a railroad bridge before the entrance of Weber Canyon and a man walking along the tracks.
DNO-0047_Mormon workers on a cut in Weber Canyon.jpg
Stereoview photograph #372 by A.J. Russell. The photograph features a group of (probably Mormon) men working on a cut in Weber Canyon.