DNO-0047_Photography cart.jpg
Photograph of a photography cart taken by A.J. Russell in the desert. The cart is pulled by a horse and is functioning as a mobile darkroom.
DNO-0047_Directors of the North Western RR at Echo City.jpg
Originally a stereoview photograph by A.J. Russell. Number 128, titled "Directors of the North Western RR at Echo City." Photograph features men and women on the porch of a farm house with a mountains in the background and a stagecoach in the…
DNO-0047_Photographing Under Difficulties.jpg
Originally a stereoview photograph by A.J. Russell, number 91. Title: "Photographing Under Difficulties." This photograph depicts the Clarence King surveying party in the Uintah mountains, climbing a steep cliff with all of their equipment.
DNO-0047_Looking up the Weber.jpg
Originally a stereoview photograph by A.J. Russell entitled "Looking up the Weber." Numbered as 194. Photograph features a railroad bridge before the entrance of Weber Canyon and a man walking along the tracks.
DNO-0047_Mormon workers on a cut in Weber Canyon.jpg
Stereoview photograph #372 by A.J. Russell. The photograph features a group of (probably Mormon) men working on a cut in Weber Canyon.
DNO-0047_Chinese laying last rail.jpg
tereoview photograph #539 from the Union Pacific Railroad collection by A.J. Russell. Photograph features railroad workers laying the last few rails of the road at Promontory Point in Utah. Specifically, the Chinese workers are laying the last of the…
DNO-0047_East and West shaking hands.jpg
Large-format print entitled "East and West Shaking Hands." The photograph features the two trains of the Union and Central Pacific lines meeting at Promontory Point with executives and crew members from both lines.
DNO-0047_Paymaster's Car, Blue Creek.jpg
Large-format print no. 513 by A.J. Russell entitled Paymaster's Car, Blue Creek." The photograph features a crew of railroad workers sitting around and on the paymaster's train car, telegraph wires, and a backdrop of the mountains.
DNO-0047_Warner and Whitman's at Echo.jpg
Large-format print no. 125 by A.J. Russell entitled "Warner and Whitman's at Echo." The photograph features two families standing near a farmhouse on a farm in rural Utah.
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