Newspaper clipping of an advertisement for East Center Street Grocery Store showing John Lenkersdorfer as the proprietor and various foods and prices available. The location is listed as 4th East and Center Street.
Newspaper clipping highlighting a photograph of the Wilson Elementary School with related article on its opening. The article is titled "Wilson School completed at Cost of $32,000."
Advertisement for Seventh Ward Grocery, located at 4th East and Center Street, Logan Utah. This is the location for the Island Market. The area of the Logan Island was known as the Seventh Ward, a geographic retion for a congregation for the Church…
A newspaper article on Archie Anderson’s move to a new location, and the advertisement of an opening for renters at his previous location, Fourth East and Center Street. This is the location for the present day Island Market.
An advertisement for the butcher shop of Archie Anderson dating back to 1920. First known evidence of a business and person being at the location of present day Island Market.
Tax information from 1923 that confirms and verifies the land ownership of Lorenzo Skanchy in the location of the Island Market.
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