Stereo-view of a man, four women, and numerous children outside of a small cabin. Image taken by photographer A.J.Russell. Russell described this scene as representing Mormon polygamy. Original caption is, "Mormon Family"
DNO-0046_Photographer by a river.jpg
Stereo-view of a man (probably A.J. Russell) standing next to a stereo-view camera at Echo, Utah during the construction of the transcontinental railroad. Image probably taken by an assistant for the photographer A.J. Russell.
Large-format view of Lake Blanche in the Wasatch Mountains. Photograph taken by Salt Lake City Mormon photographer C.R. Savage.
Large-format photograph of man sitting underneath an overhanging rock ledge near Echo, Utah. From the book, Sun Pictures of Rocky Mountain Scenery. Photograph taken by A.J. Russell. Original caption is, "Hanging Rock - Echo City, Utah."
Stereo-view of Shoshone men standing in front of tipis. According to A.J. Russell, he took this photo near Echo, Utah in June 1869. Original caption is, "Snake Chiefs."
Stereoview of Shoshone Chief Sagwitch and his wife Beawoachee, taken by Salt Lake City Mormon photographer C.R. Savage. Original caption is "Utah. Se-go-witts and his Bride, Ute Chief."
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