An advertisement for the grand opening of Countryside Market, which used the same building as the Island Market.
Tax information from 1923 that confirms and verifies the land ownership of Lorenzo Skanchy in the location of the Island Market.
negative of the photgraph of the island.jpg
Photograph of the island area taken in 1895
After interviewing seven local stores in Logan, only two stated that fake IDs for beer purchases, from underage Utah State University students, was a large problem. Logan Police and local market owners comment on the issue in this short article.
Athleta, front cover, 2018
Athleta, front cover, 2018
Athleta, front cover, 2018
Athleta, front cover, 2018
Athleta, front cover, 2018
Athleta, front cover, 2018
Athleta, front cover, 2018
Athleta, front cover, 2018
Athleta, front cover, 2003
Athleta, front cover, 2003
Athleta, front cover, 2003
Athleta, front cover, 2001
Athleta, front cover, 2000
Athleta, front cover, 2000
Athleta, front cover, 2000
Athleta, front cover, 2000
Athleta, front cover, 1999
Athleta, front cover, 1999
Abercrombie & Fitch, front cover, 1964
Abercrombie & Fitch, 1962
Advertizement for the Island Market's reopening in the USU Student Newspaper April 16, 1982. The address listed is 400 E. Center Street. The Ad mentions new ownership and that it is here to stay. Items listed on the advertisement include items for…
Athleta catalog, front cover, fall 1999
Abercrombie & Fitch catalog, The Blazed Trail, front cover, 1975
View of the Australia Graphic Panel displayed at the Bells: Connecting Animals, People and Land Exhibit held at the Merrill-Cazier Library October 28, 2009 through January 22, 2010.
DNO-0129_Building Permanent Bridge.jpg
Stereo-view of Union Pacific workmen building the permanent railroad bridge at Green River Wyoming. Image taken by photographer A.J. Russell during the construction of the transcontinental railroad. Original caption is "Construction Permanent…
DNO-0134_The Prairie Looking West.jpg
Large-format photograph of a scene on the Canadian prairies. Shows bones (including a human skull) and an extremely flat horizon. Photographs taken at Lord Selkirk's settlement by Canadian photographer Humphrey Lloyd Hime on the Red River of the…
DNO-0049_Lost Camp Spur Cut.jpg
Stereo-view showing a cut and a railroad engine on the Central Pacific Railroad. Image taken by photographer Alfred A. Hart. Original caption calls this the "Lost Camp Spur Cut"
DNO-0049_East Portal of Summit Tunnel.jpg
Stereo-view showing a Chinese worker and a tunnel at the summit of the Central Pacific Railroad in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California.East portal of summit tunnel of the Central Pacific Railroad, during construction in the Sierra Nevada…
DNO-0045_The photographer.jpg
Cropped version of a stereo-view taken near Green River, Wyoming. Man in the image in probably A.J. Russell with his large-format camera. Image probably taken by an assistant for the photographer A.J. Russell.
DNO-0129_Tintype of A.J. Russell.jpg
Tintype studio portrait of A.J. Russell taken by an unknown photographer.
Stereo-view of a man, four women, and numerous children outside of a small cabin. Image taken by photographer A.J.Russell. Russell described this scene as representing Mormon polygamy. Original caption is, "Mormon Family"
DNO-0046_West End Tunnel, No. 3, Weber Canyon.jpg
Stereo-view of Union Pacific railroad workers in Echo Canyon at Tunnel No. 3 during the construction of the transcontinental railroad. Image Taken by photographer A.J. Russell.
DNO-0047_Mormon workers on a cut in Weber Canyon.jpg
Stereo-view of Mormon workers on a cut in Weber Canyon during the construction of the transcontinental railroad. Image taken by photographer A.J. Russell.
Lithograph sold by Frances Palmer depicting an allegorical scene of Western American expansion.
DNO-0046_Photographer by a river.jpg
Stereo-view of a man (probably A.J. Russell) standing next to a stereo-view camera at Echo, Utah during the construction of the transcontinental railroad. Image probably taken by an assistant for the photographer A.J. Russell.
DNO-0047_Photographing Under Difficulties.jpg
Stereo-view taken of a survey crew scaling a small cliff in the Uinta Mountains in August 1869. Image taken by photographer A.J. Russell. Original caption is, "Photographer and Surveyors Climbing Unita Mountains."
DNO-0047_Photography cart.jpg
A cropped view of a A.J. Russell stereo-view showing s developing box on his darkroom wagon taken during the construction of the transcontinental railroad.
DNO-0052_Photography and Exploration.jpg
Lithographic view of a collodion wet-glass plate photographer and a young boy with equipment and a dark room tent. Image found in the book A History and handbook of Photography.
Large-format view of Lake Blanche in the Wasatch Mountains. Photograph taken by Salt Lake City Mormon photographer C.R. Savage.
DNO-0047_East and West shaking hands.jpg
Large-format view, often called "The Champagne Photograph" of the Central and Union Pacific engines coming together at Promontory Summit at the Golden Spike Ceremony on May 10, 1869. Photograph taken by A.J. Russell. Original caption is, "East and…
Large-format photograph of man sitting underneath an overhanging rock ledge near Echo, Utah. From the book, Sun Pictures of Rocky Mountain Scenery. Photograph taken by A.J. Russell. Original caption is, "Hanging Rock - Echo City, Utah."
Stereo-view of Union Pacific laborers on a railroad hand cart outside of West end of Tunnel #4. Image taken by photographer William Henry Jackson before he joined the Hayden Survey photographer and during the construction of the transcontinental…
Albertype of Red Rock Pass in northern Cache Valley taken by William Henry Jackson while he was the Hayden Survey photographer. Original caption is "Plate III, Red Rock Pass."
Carte-de-visite image of an overland stage coach with drivers and stage station. Taken by Utah photograph C.W. Carter before the railroad was built. Original caption is, "Overland Stage."
Stereo-view of a Mormon wagon train in Echo Canyon. Taken by Utah photographer C.W. Carter before the railroad was built. Original caption is, "Mormon Emigrant Train: Echo Canyon."
Stereo-view of Union Pacific Railroad workers fixing the railroad tracks. Taken by Salt Lake City Mormon photographer C.R. Savage in Weber Canyon near Devil's Gate Station. Original caption is, "View near Devil's Gate Station."
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