An article from the North Cache News titled "Cache Flying Service Receives Praise" from November 13, 1942. The article announced praise for the Cache Valley Flying service as they pass another class of aviation cadets.
An article from the North Cache News titled "Work Begins on Airport Tower" from August 7, 1942. The article discussed construction of the new control tower at Logan-Cache Airport and other ongoing CAA projects.
An article from the North Cache News titled "USAC Recognized as Aircraft Training Center" from February 6, 1942. The article announced that USAC has been recognized as an aviation training center.
An article from the North Cache News titled "Logan-Cache Airport Job Begins This Week" from January 30, 1942. The article detailed the beginning of construction on the airport.
An article from the North Cache News titled "Court Grants Airport 173.81 Acres of Land" from August 29, 1941. The article is about how the airport is obtaining more land for ongoing projects and to expand the airport for training purposes.
An article from the Logan Republican titled "Aeroplane Exhibition at Cache County Fair." The article describes the aviation performances and opportunities at the 1920 Cache Valley Fair.
An article from the Logan Republican titled "Lieu. Maroney Gives Daredevil Flight." The article described an exhibition flight by Lieutenant Terah Maroney over Cache Valley.
An article from the Logan Republican titled "Aggies Ready to Meet the Foe." The article is about the upcoming football game between UAC and the University of Utah that will include an aeroplane flyover.
An article from the Logan Republican titled "Wicked Winds Spoil Flying." The article discusses the failed Cache County aviation carnival.
An article from the Logan Republican titled "Cache County Aviation Carnival." The article discusses plans made for Cache Valley's first aviation carnival.
Front page of the Hill Top Times on July 13, 1956 with an article titled "Hill Helps with Airshow at Logan Celebration." The article discussed the success of the Logan Airshow and Hill Air Force Base's involvement.
An article from the Cache American titled "Floyd Hansen Flew First Airmail Here." The article is about Floyd Hansen flying the first airmail into and out of Cache Valley.
An article by Floyd D. Hansen titled "County Airport Sees Steady Growth Along Lines of Aviation" from the Cache American. He explains the growth of the Logan-Cache Airport in recent years.
A military trainer in flight.
A pilot sits In a US Navy Curtiss Helldiver at the Logan-Cache Airport.
A map noting different Native American sites in Mendon, Utah.
Interview with Steve Smith conducted by Ande Clark on November 11, 1970 about the Witches Tree in Mendon, Utah and how it was created.
Interview with Dennis Joventti conducted by Richard F. Ludt on October 10, 1971 about the witches circle located in Mendon, Utah.
A personal narrative about supernatural interactions in Mendon, Utah. Item 19 focuses on a legend trip (where individuals visit an area because of stories or legends heard about it) to an abandoned house in Mendon.
A collection of personal narratives for those that have supernatural interactions in Mendon, Utah. Item 18 focuses on an encounter in a house in Mendon.
An excerpt from the book "History of Cache County", pages 116-117, compiled by elementery school students in Cache Valley. The excerpt "Pioneer Medicines" talks about pioneer medicines, food, and bear hunts.
A postcard with a picture of Joseph H. Watkins and two girls in an oxen-pulled wagon. The girls are his daughter, Flora Watkins, and Lilian Jensen. The image was taken on Pioneer Day, July 24, 1924.
A photograph of L.K. Wood riding on his steam thresher in the 1947 Fourth of July parade in Logan, Utah.
"Mendon May Day Traditions," written by T.K. Sorensen, is about the traditions in Mendon, Utah's May Day celebrations. It includes the crowner's speech when crowning the May Queen, May Day songs, and a brief history of how May Day came to be in…
A transcript of a speech titled "Weaving Memories" given by Janet Larsen at the 1990 May Day celebration.
A photograph of Henry G. Hughes, the first bishop for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Mendon, Utah.
A photograph of T. latifolia, more commonly known as cattail roots.
Photograph of a Salidago Accidentalis, more commonly known as a goldenrod flower, pollinating.
Photograph of a butterfly on a Salidago Accidentalis, more commonly known as a goldenrod flower.
A photograph of the Wellsville Mountains with Memorial Day poppies planted by residents of Mendon, Utah.
A typed manuscript about Rosa Thurston, a missing child from the 1860s, and how she might have been taken.
An excerpt (pages 151-158) from "Pioneer Stories" titled "The Stolen Child" about Rosa Thurston. The author of the story "The Stolen Child" is unknown but is thought to be Orson F. Whitney. In the story, the author speculates how the Rosa Thurston…
In an audio interview, Paul Willie talks about the Baker rock homes in Mendon, Utah. Excerpt from full interview.
Recording of an interview with Paul Willie as he remembers his scout master Lem Earl and the ice rink that he would make each winter. Excerpt from full interview.
An audio recording of Richard and Paula Watkins as they talk about their experience moving to Mendon, Utah. Excerpt from full interview.
Audio interview of Leland and Barbara Larsen in 2007 where they talk about the theater in Mendon, Utah. Barbara remembers being lifted up to see her mother perform. Excerpt from full interview.
An audio interview of Leland and Barbara Larsen on May 10, 2007 where they talk about taking cows out to pasture and remember when they got treed by a bull. Excerpt from full interview.
An audio interview with Leland and Barbara Larsen on May 10, 2007 where they talk about Dr. Magee as they look over photos. Excerpt from full interview.
Audio clip from Feburary 8, 2019 where Paul Willie talks about the Mendon Jazz Band. Excerpt from full interview.
A photograph of the Steam Threshing Bee featuring L.K. Wood's steam threshers. Original file titled "Circus Calliope."
A photograph of horse threshing in Mendon, Utah.
A photograph of Odie Muir
A photograph of Glenn and Ivaloo Hiibner
A photograph of Hazel Buist Sorensen
A photograph of a cross country race in Mendon, Utah on July 24, 1974, Pioneer Day.
A photograph of Joseph B. Richards and two horses, Maud and her colt.
The graduating class of 1966
A photograph of Joseph B. Richards and two horses near a barn.
An article titled "The Races" in the Utah Journal on September 2, 1882. The article is about horse racing in Mendon, Utah.