TIME magazine interview with Apostle Spencer Kimball.
This article describes the planting of nearly 500 Norway maples around campus, including the quad, during the April 29, 1921 "A"-Day.
An article from the Logan Republican titled "Aeroplane Exhibition at Cache County Fair." The article describes the aviation performances and opportunities at the 1920 Cache Valley Fair.
An article from the Logan Republican titled "Aggies Ready to Meet the Foe." The article is about the upcoming football game between UAC and the University of Utah that will include an aeroplane flyover.
An article in the North Cache News titled "Air Corps Ends Training at USAC" from May 26, 1944. The article announced the federal government's decision to end Air Corps training through universities.
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On May 20, 1913 the Logan Republican printed this article noting the completion of the Logan Rapid Transit Company lines to Providence. As a result, the community of Providence planned a celebration that evening for everyone in the surrounding…
Words of adapted hymns used for protest purposes.
ERA Buttons 2.jpeg
"Another Mormon for ERA" Protest Button
An article from the Salt Lake Telegram titled "Aviation Walker Meets with Mishap." The article discusses the difficulties experienced by Clarence Walker during his attempted flights at the Cache County aviation carnival.
Adapted words of the hymn "Battle Hymn of the Republic"
This article, printed in the Ogden Examiner, details Gustav Becker's trip to California. Mr. Becker's article is full of praises for Californian industry and agriculture. Two columns of the article are dedicated to Gustav's analysis of the proposed…
This article outlines the reasons behind the liquidation of the Becker Manufacturing Company. The Becker Manufacturing Company of Ogden was formed after the Becker Brewing and Malting Company of Ogden was dissolved in 1917. Upon the dissolution of…
In 2007 the Salt Lake Tribune featured a story on Stan Sanders' collection of historical Utah brewing paraphernalia. The article also highlights several of the major historical breweries in Utah including the Becker Brewing and Malting Company,…
"Biographical History of Frank Clark," including refrences to parents and grandparents. This history does not include the famous bear story, but rather gives background on Frank Clark, himself.
DNO-0045_Breaking Ground for the Utah Central Railroad.jpg
Stereoview photograph no. 150 by A.J. Russell captioned "Mormons Breaking Ground for Utah Central Railroad." Photo features a large group of people waiting for the groundbreaking ceremony.
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A newspaper article titled "Bridge Going Nowhere" by an unknown author, taken from the Herald Journal on June 1, 1961. This article references the large steel bridge on the East Quinney Branch route of the former U.I.C. and discusses the short…
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The first services abandoned by the U.I.C. were the streetcar services that it offered in Logan, Brigham City, and Ogden. The Salt Lake Tribune reported in this article from August 21, 1919 that the Brigham City streetcar service would officially be…
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By 1926, the Utah-Idaho Central Railroad felt that the streetcar operations were contributing to the monetary deficit experienced by the company throughout the early 1920s. On August 4, 1926 the Ogden Standard-Examiner reported that the U.I.C. sought…
An article from the Logan Republican titled "Cache County Aviation Carnival." The article discusses plans made for Cache Valley's first aviation carnival.
An article from the North Cache News titled "Cache Flying Service Receives Praise" from November 13, 1942. The article announced praise for the Cache Valley Flying service as they pass another class of aviation cadets.
Three adults and one child, probably Tomra Andrus, with horses and burros. Number 98 written in right-hand corner- refers to page in Andrus's personal history. "Camp tent, American flag. American flag. See 98, near Edwin." See also P0542 Box 1 Folder…
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While the U.I.C. abandoned its streetcar services in Brigham City and Logan, in Ogden the lines were sold off to a new company who continued to maintain and operate them: the Utah Rapid Transit Company. This was done to simplify the processes of both…
DNO-0047_Chinese laying last rail.jpg
tereoview photograph #539 from the Union Pacific Railroad collection by A.J. Russell. Photograph features railroad workers laying the last few rails of the road at Promontory Point in Utah. Specifically, the Chinese workers are laying the last of the…
Front cover of the "Church News" newspaper following the announcement that all worthy men could receive the priesthood regardless of race.
“Close Quarters with Old Ephraim,” an illustration from "Theodore Roosevelt’s Hunting Trips of a Ranchman," 1885.
This excerpt from USAC Observes transcribes the radio program from the unsealing of the Old Main cornerstone time capsule during the 1938 semi-centennial celebration of the college.
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As late as February 6, 1915, the directors of the Ogden, Logan and Idaho Railway Company finally settled on the route for the rail line between Ogden and Logan. After deliberation, the Logan Republican reported that the directors had decided on the…
Hymn adapted by Marty LaBrosse to advocate for equality
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