Let There Be Light 1946

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Let There Be Light 1946


DOCUMENTARY: Veterans' hospital (Mason General Hospital, Brentwood, NY.) showing ten week treatment program for men with psychological problems stemming from combat; men enter the hospital, go through the orientation, admission, and evaluation process as the narrator observes that these men, whose education, culture, and development rejects war, share thoughts, share common anxieties: fear, apprehension, disaster, hopelessness, death, and the fear of death; veterans relate their experiences, thoughts, and emotions to hospital medical and professional staff; at night dreams of combat and other fears interrupt the men as they try to sleep; next morning, as the process of diagnosis, treatment, and therapy begins, men undergo a series physical exams and psychological tests; shows individual and group counseling sessions; demonstrate use of hypnosis; as weeks pass, the positive affects of therapy become apparent; men relax in the recreation room as combat experiences are no longer blocks to present activities and future plans, with emphasis on the veteran's occupation; visitors day, time for contact with family and friends; group therapy discussion concerning civilian reaction to returning veterans and their adjustment to the post-war pattern; montage contrasting condition of men before and after therapy; men show signs of recovery, of readiness for discharge, and ability to resume civilian life.


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