Cazier Science and Technology Library

Entrance to the Cazier Science & Technology Library<br />

At its dedication in October 1995, Library Director Max Peterson characterized the Science and Technology Library as “visionary ideals . . . tempered with realistic limitations.” The Science and Technology Library was an outgrowth of a 1988 Statewide Library Study initiated by the State Advisory Council on Science and Technology. The purpose of the Advisory Council and, by association, the Library Study Committee was the promotion of “high tech, growth industry.” The ideal at USU would have been construction of a new building large enough to house the entire library collection. Reality, however, dictated the construction of a separate building to house only those collections specific to science and engineering. Other collections remained in the Merrill Library and spread into space vacated by the removal of the science and engineering collections.

As with most campus building projects, the Science and Technology Library may have fallen short of expectations. It was, nevertheless, an acceptable and much appreciated bridge that provided 100,000 square feet of new space. The Science and Technology Library was dedicated in 1995 and was named for former USU President Stanford O. Cazier in 1998.