The Logan Republican reported on January 18, 1912 an article titled "Complete History of Franchise Turn Down." This article includes a petition and the reasoning behind the rejection of a franchise to David Eccles and the Logan Rapid Transit Company…
Near the end of 1914, the construction of the Ogden, Logan and Idaho Railway lines was almost complete. This article from October 23, 1914 announces that the line should be completed by December 1 according to P.D. Kline who recently inspected the…
An article by Floyd D. Hansen titled "County Airport Sees Steady Growth Along Lines of Aviation" from the Cache American. He explains the growth of the Logan-Cache Airport in recent years.
Screen Shot 2020-03-20 at 4.50.41 PM.png
By May 2, 1912, David Eccles and the Logan Rapid Transit Company had been hard at work expanding their rail lines and creating an interurban system. The Logan Republican reported on this day that M.J. Golightly would also be granted a franchise by…
An article from the North Cache News titled "Court Grants Airport 173.81 Acres of Land" from August 29, 1941. The article is about how the airport is obtaining more land for ongoing projects and to expand the airport for training purposes.
DNO-0048_Curving Iron, Ten Mile Canyon.jpg
Carte-de-visite style photograph no. 333 entitled "Curving Iron, Ten Mile Canyon." Taken by Alfred Hart.
Screen Shot 2020-03-20 at 5.11.53 PM.png
David Eccles passed away on December 6, 1912 in Salt Lake City, Utah. It is reported by the Salt Lake Tribune in this article that he likely died from heart failure. The article reports the events surrounding his death, a brief accounting of his…
A newspaper article about Veneta Nielsen
DNO-0047_Mormon workers on a cut in Weber Canyon.jpg
Stereoview photograph #372 by A.J. Russell. The photograph features a group of (probably Mormon) men working on a cut in Weber Canyon.
DNO-0046_Devil's Gate Bridge.jpg
Stereoview photograph taken by A.J. Russell for the Union Pacific's Railroad Views collection. Photograph is entitled, "Devil's Gate Bridge" and features a train with a car full of men crossing the bridge.
DNO-0047_Directors of the North Western RR at Echo City.jpg
Originally a stereoview photograph by A.J. Russell. Number 128, titled "Directors of the North Western RR at Echo City." Photograph features men and women on the porch of a farm house with a mountains in the background and a stagecoach in the…
"Dr. W. H. Hopkins and Navajo Hogan, Monument Valley". Monuments in the background.
DNO-0047_East and West shaking hands.jpg
Large-format print entitled "East and West Shaking Hands." The photograph features the two trains of the Union and Central Pacific lines meeting at Promontory Point with executives and crew members from both lines.
A photograph of Bear River Canyon in Utah, taken by C.R. Savage in 1891. The photograph features a branch line of the Utah and Northern Railroad.
DNO-0049_East Portal of Summit Tunnel.jpg
Stereoview photograph #198 by Alfred Hart for the Central Pacific Railroad collection. Photograph features a railroad worker with a dump cart standing in the entrance to a tunnel in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Caption: "East Portal of Summit Tunnel,…
A photograph of a Homecoming parade float with the theme "Echoes of the Past," and decorated with Ancient-Greece-inspired decorations, late 1960s.
This newspaper article describes the trip of the Utah Agricultural College (USU) Glee Club to the Rotary International Convention at Atlantic City, New Jersey. The Logan Rotary club raised $6,000 to send the club East.
Screen Shot 2020-03-31 at 4.03.51 PM.png
By May 17, 1913 work was being rushed by the Eccles Corporation to complete the expansion of the interurban lines to Providence by the following week. The Logan Republican reported that the first cars would be able to run the following week and that…
Screen Shot 2020-03-23 at 2.50.23 PM.png
On October 12, 1915 it was reported by the Logan Republican that the O.L.I. had purchased a large area of land on South Main Street for the purpose of constructing a freight depot and rail yards for the maintenance and operation of the new Ogden,…
DNO-0049_End of Track on Humboldt Plains.jpg
Stereoview photograph #317 by Alfred Hart for the Central Pacific Railroad collection. It is a photo of railroad workers building the road at the end of the Central Pacific Line when it was on the Humboldt Plains.
A copy of the article "Equal Rights Amendment Campaigns in California and Utah"
Equal Rights missionaries came to Utah in an effort modeled after the LDS Church's missionary effort.
A photograph of a float in the 1950 Homecoming parade with the theme "Fallen Cowboy."
This image is a part of the United States Strategic Bombing Survey in Japan. This study sought to evaluate the effects and importance of air power. This image is of a family bomb shelter in Kobe, Japan that was dug out of the side of a mountain. The…
Photograph of the front view and sign of the Farmer's Co-op in Moroni, Utah, ca. 1970.;
Photograph of the side view of the Farmer's Co-op in Moroni, Utah, ca. 1970.;
First View of Colorado River:, Lee's Ferry. Maxwell automobile in picture. Envelope 23.
An article from the Cache American titled "Floyd Hansen Flew First Airmail Here." The article is about Floyd Hansen flying the first airmail into and out of Cache Valley.
Door hanger/flyer for USU Homecoming celebration in 2000. Includes a schedule of events.
Article covering Fred Summers version of the Old Ephraim legend. Fred Summers was a sheepherder who heard the story from Frank Clark.
Free Angela buttonpage1.jpg
Button with an image of Angela Davis and the words "Free Angela"
"General Range Conditions" Annual Grazing Report for Cache National Forest, November 12, 1910. Excerpt from "History of Cache National Forest, Volume 2" compiled by Ralph B. Roberts, District Forest Ranger.
DNO-0048_Western Summit.jpg
Carte-de-visite style photograph by Alfred Joseph Hart entitled, "Western Summit." Photograph features a Chinese railroad worker and the heading of a railroad tunnel. Caption: "Heading of East Portal, Tunnel No. 8, from Donner Lake Railroad, Western…
Front page of the Hill Top Times on July 13, 1956 with an article titled "Hill Helps with Airshow at Logan Celebration." The article discussed the success of the Logan Airshow and Hill Air Force Base's involvement.
This newspaper section has several articles regarding the Becker Brewing and Malting Company. The article at the top of the page, entitled "Historic Brewery's saga ending" describes the demise of the Becker Brewing and Malting Company and the…
Horsecollar Ruin, White Canyon, probably L.W. Clement with Jennie Clement and Irene and Torma Andrus.
An article in the North Cache News titled "Hyrum Welcomes Tokyo Raider" from September 14, 1945. The article explains the story of Army aviator Chase Jay Nielsen and plans for the intended celebration upon his return to Hyrum, his hometown.
My Brother's Keeperpage2.jpg
Poster depicting two police officers restraining an African-American student with billy clubs. Associated with the San Francisco State University student strike of 1968.
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