Logan Canyon Nunnery and Paranormal Experiences


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Logan Canyon Nunnery and Paranormal Experiences


Interviews with individuals to tell their experience legend-tripping at the "Nunnery" in Logan Canyon, and others give accounts of other paranormal experiences.
McCall Hoggan
Mountain Crest High School
Mountain Crest Folklore Archives
Logan, Utah
Instructor: Brad Gibbons
Fall 2012

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Total Number of CDs in Project: 1
Equipment Used: RCA Digital Voice Recorder VR5320R
Class: Folklore
Quarter & Year: Fall 2012
Instructor: Brad Gibbons
Interviewer: McCall Hoggan
Informants: Sarah Allison Harris, Jana Hoggan, Jill Froehle, Jared Hoggan
Brief Description of Project: Started out to find out infonnation about the Logan Canyon
Nunnery, but quickly got into stories about Ouija Boards and other Paranonnal Experiences.
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Is the Logan Canyon Nunnery haunted? We may never know, but after my brief research
maybe we'll have a better idea of what the answer is. I interviewed 2 people who had been to the
Nunnery, and two people who just had strange paranormal stories to tell. The two people who
had gone to the Nunnery, both said they didn't see anything to make the place seem haunted
besides their own fear that came only because they were expecting something scary .
The Nunnery's real name is St. Ann's Retreat; it was first used as a summer retreat for
two wealthy New Yorkers and their families. They had many guests who came to stay, including
the Czar of Russia. It was later used as a summer retreat for the Nuns in the 1950's and later as a
Children's Catholic Camp. The property has 21 total buildings on it, which include two larger
lodges, six smaller cabins, a pool house, a playhouse, and the swimming pool.
The classic myths of the Nunnery are usually quite similar and go something like this:
One of the Nuns got pregnant and to try and save her reputation and keep her faith she gave birth
and then drowned her new born baby in the swimming pool outside. After doing this she could
no longer live with what she had done, so she killed herself in the main lodge. Another story is
that the Nuns were getting pregnant by the Priests and then drowning their babies in the
swimming pool. There are many different variations of these stories .

Some of the things that are supposed to happen when you go to the Nunnery late at night
are that if you go by the swimming pool and wait you will hear the crying of newborn babies
about to be drowned. Another is if you go into the main lodge and walk through the building you
will see the ghost of the nun who killed herself.
"You know we didn't see the nun walking around like some people say they do, so we just
basically did the tour, scared ourselves, and took off. "
-Jared Hoggan
I personally think that the stories were just made up, and that it's just a bunch of old
buildings. I do however think it would be a really cool place to see in the day

WORKS CITED!artic1e/640196655/Legends-surround-St-Anns­Retreat.
--------------------------------- ,--_. __ ._-_.

McCall Haylie Hoggan was born September 3, 1995 in Logan, Utah. She lived in a condo in
Black Hawk until she was three, when her parents divorced she lived with her grandparents in
North Logan, Utah. She moved to Nibley, Utah in the second grade with her father and step
mom. At this age her two aunts told her many scary stories, helping her realize she enjoyed the
thrill of being scared. She attends Mountain Crest High School where she is a junior in Mr.
Gibbons Folklore class. She has heard many stories of and about ghosts, but has not yet seen one
for herself. She loves to hear stories of the paranormal but, usually isn't interested in going to
sites where known ghosts are located. When she is not at school she enjoys taking naps, spending
time with friends and family, fine dining, and occasionally traveling.
-----------------------_.. _---- -

Sarah Allison Harris: Allison is my mom, she works at State Farm and is a student getting her
Masters Degree at Utah State University. She has lived in Cache Valley most of her life, and is a
graduate from Logan High School.
Jana DeVone Hoggan: Jana is a graduate from Utah State University, she has lived in Cache
Valley her whole life, where her back yard led right into the River Heights Cemetary. She is
currently moving to Nome, Alaska where she has ajob in Juvenile Probation.
Jillian Marguerite Froehle: Jill was born in Cache Valley her sister is Jana Hoggan, they
played the Ouija Board together at their home in River Heights. She now lives in Nome, Alaska.
Jared Bradley Hoggan: Jared is the oldest brother of Jill and Jana, and is also my dad. He has
lived in Cache Valley his whole life. He has not been quite as into the paranormal as his sisters.
Interviewee: Sarah Allison Harris
Place of Interview:
Date of Interview: October 28,2012
Interviewer: McCall Hoggan
Recorder: McCall Hoggan
Recording Equipment: RCA Digital Voice Recorder VR5320R
Transcription Equipment: Microsoft Word • Transcribed by: McCall Hoggan •
Transcript Proofed by: McCall Hoggan
Brief Description of Contents: Allison describes the time she went to the Nunnery and the
things that happened while she and her friends were there.
Reference: MH= McCall Hoggan (Interviewer)
AH= Allison Harris (Interviewee)
NOTE: Pauses during the interview such as "Umm H are not included in the transcription.
I : • •

MH: Ok, when did you go to the Nunnery?
AH: When I was 16.
MH: Ok, do you remember what time of year it was?
AH: It was fall.
MH: So it was cold?
AH: It was a little bit cold, it hadn't snowed yet.
MH: Why did you go?
AH: Well, because my friends and I had heard lots of stories about it like that it was haunted. We
heard that one of the nuns that had lived there got pregnant and drowned her baby in the
swimming pool to hide it. Umm and so we just, everyone talked about it and it wasn't gated off
and like how it has barb wire now it wasn't like that then, you could just walk through the gate
and walk up there so we wanted to go check it out just to scare ourselves kind of.
MH: Ok, umm who did you go with?
AH: My friends umm, trying to think everyone who was there when we actually went inside the
building, cause we went a couple times but there was only one time when we were actually brave
enough to go inside the building. I think my friend Jenny was there and Jake and J.R.
MH: Umm, what happened once you got to the nunnery?
AH: Well like I said we'd been there before, just we wanted to look at the swimming pool. And
we hadn't dared to go inside the building, so this time we were like we're gonna go in the
building and walk around.
MH: Was the swimming pool inside?
AH: No, the swimming pools outdoors. But so we'd been to the swimming pool before, but this
time we had a flashlight and we're like we're gonna go inside and like explore. And ,what's the
question? Sorry I forgot
MH: What happened once you got up there.
AH: Okay, so we decided to go in so we're walking around in there umm just it was scary kind
of because we'd scared ourselves not, I don't really think it's a scary place I don't think its
haunted I just think that we were scared. And we were walking around and our friend Jace who
had been waiting in the car like he was like "I'm not going in you guys are crazy." Umm he

came up after we had gone in and like did something to scare us like he made this loud noise
outside, we freaked out everyone ran out of the building except me and I was there alone.
MH: Why didn't you run out?
AH: Ugh, I don't know I didn't know everyone was gonna leave. I left after I realized everyone
had gone.
MH: Ok, is that all?
AH: Umm ya, and I ran back to the gate like where he was parked cause I was scared.
MH: Umm would you ever go back?
AH: Oh ya, I'd like to go back in the day time just to see what it's like. I don't think its haunted.
MH: I want to go there too; I think it would be cool.
AH: So ya, I'd like to go back just to check it out.
MH: Ok.

CD Track: 2 & 3
Interviewee: Jana DeVone Hoggan
Place of Interview:
Date of Interview: November 1, 2012
Interviewer: McCall Hoggan
Recorder: McCall Hoggan
Recording Equipment: RCA Digital Voice Recorder VR5320R
• Transcription Equipment: Microsoft Word

Transcribed By: McCall Hoggan
Transcript Proofed by: McCall Hoggan
Brief Description of Contents: Jana tells some stories of X whom she talked to on her
Ouija Board, and ofthe possible ghosts that she heard in her home.
Reference: MH: McCall Hoggan (Interviewer)
JH: Jana Hoggan (Interviewee)
NOTE: Pauses during the interview such as "Umm" are not included in the transcription.

MH: Ok, can you state your name?
JH: I am Jana.
MH: Where are we right now?
JH: We are at my house, in Logan Utah.
MH: Ok. So have you personally played with an Ouija Board?
JH: Yes, I have on many many occasions.
MH: Ok. (Phone Rings) Where did you play with the Ouija Board?
JH: I have played it in my bedroom at myoid house in River Heights, I've played it in friends'
houses, in cemetery's, in various places that we thought were maybe haunted, we would go play.
In those experiences there was one common person that seemed to always come to the board
when we would be trying to talk to people, his name was X he was supposedly the Devils right
hand man, usually whenever we'd be talking to someone or like a spirit he would come and take
over like half way through. He could just kick them off the board and take over the conversation;
he had a very distinct way of spelling things and so we could always tell when he had taken over.
MH: What do you mean by that?
JH: Because he commonly misspelled and abbreviated words, he had never actually been born so
he didn't really learn how to read and write through like a school setting. And so he just spelled
things the way they sounded, which so typically he spelled a lot of things wrong. And then
whenever we talked to spirits who had actually lived, they could spell better and were easier to
talk to than him.
MH: Who was usually with you when you talked to X?
JH: My sister, J~ll, and my friend Zandra were always with me.
MH: K. How old were you when you started using the Ouija Board?
JH: I was 16 and I only had it for about a year, just because I ended up getting rid of it because I
decided I didn't like it.
MH: What made you decide to get rid of it?
JH: After we kind of the excitement of playing it started to die out, I kept it under my bed and
when it was under my bed for about 3 weeks I was having really weird bizarre dreams about

death and dying and serpents and it was kind of scary. And I kind of chalked it up to the Ouija
Board, so I got rid of the Ouij a Board and I had never had those dreams since I got rid of it.
MH: Hmm, so.
JH: Can you like fast forward it to ...
MH: Its recording ..
MH: Its ok, so back to X do you remember anything specific things that he would say to you?
JH: Not necessarily to me, it seemed that he had a crush on my sister which is why whenever she
was around and we were playing the Ouija Board is why he would come in and take over. Ifwe
ever started playing and she was gone to the bathroom or something that's when we would get to
talk to somebody else. As soon as she would enter the room he would take over, and he always
wanted to talk to her. I can't remember some of the specific things that he would say to her, but
kind of that he was waiting for her to die so that he could be with her.
MH: He said that?
JH: Uhh- huh, and it was just really creepy it got to the point with him where he was so, because
he was a very powerful spirit where he was supposedly you know, pretty high up on the devils
list that where he was able to overtake other spirits and kick them off the board and he would
make weird things happen every once in a while. But it got to the point that Jill wouldn't play on
the Ouija Board anymore because it was just getting to weird because he was so powerful and so
possessive that we were afraid something would happen if she continued to play, so she just
observed for a while. Some ofthe weird things that would happen, is like one time we had a
bunch of candles lit and we had asked X when he had taken over the board to show us a sign that
he was as powerful as he said he was. And right when we asked him to do that the candle that we
had at the head of the board shot up really big and all the other ones dimmed down really low for
like just a second then it went back to normal. And we asked him if that was him messing with
the candles and he said yes. And then we told him on another occasion that we wanted a sign and
right when we asked him that, a door slammed outside and there was no wind there was no one
out there, there was no reason for the door to slam especially as hard as it did. And then he once
again took credit for that also when we asked if it was him, he said it was.
MH: Did you ever see him in person, or thought that you saw him or any of the ghosts that you
talked to?
JH: No, well not I don't know not that I know of, I know there's an incidents in my parents
house after we played the Ouija Board where Jill saw somebody she thought it was me, I was not
home no one else was home. But she said she was in the bathroom brushing her teeth, and

someone came down the hallway to the bathroom and said her name and she said you know she
kind of put her finger up in the mirror and said you know hold on just a second cause she was in
the middle of brushing her teeth and she got done brushing her teeth, she went out there and
there was nobody downstairs, nobody in the house, nobody was home. And she called me to see
if I had come home and left, and I had never been home. And so Jill may have seen him, and that
was about probably the only time except for I used to wake up to sometimes when I would hear
people talking in the hallway but there would be nobody there. But I don't know necessarily who
it was, but I could always hear a man and woman talking in the hallway on several occasions I'd
wake up in the middle of the night and I could hear them.
MH: Were they loud, or quiet?
JH: It was enough so I could hear them but I couldn't make out what they were saying, cause
they were in the hallway outside my bedroom door. And then, because ya where I don't know
exactly what X looks like the one time I thought I saw a spirit, I don't know if it was him or not
but it was really scary. I was laying in my bed and it was one of those weird half-awake half
asleep things, and I dreamt that I watched my bedroom door open cause I always slept with my
bedroom door closed. And in my dream my bedroom door had opened, well then in real life I
rolled over and opened my eyes and there was a man standing above my bed like looking down
at me and I gasped because I was scared and then he like disappeared. And I sat there forever and
I know I was awake when it happened and but that was the only time I ever saw that man, which
could have been him. I don't know, it was really scary though.
CD Track: 5
Interviewee: Jill Froehle
Place of Interview:
Date of Interview: November 1, 2012
Interviewer: McCall Hoggan
Recorder: McCall Hoggan
Recording Equipment: RCA Digital Voice Recorder VR5320R
• Transcription Equipment: Microsoft Word

Transcribed By: McCall Hoggan
Transcript Proofed by: McCall Hoggan
Brief Description of Contents: Jill tells about her time playing with the Ouija board and going
to the Ogden cemetery to see Florence. She even talks a little about what some people think are
aliens in Alaska
Reference: MH= McCall Hoggan (Interviewer)
JF= Jillian Froehle (Interviewee)
NOTE: Pauses during the interview such as "Umm " are not included in the transcription.

3 .
MH: Ok, so have you ever had a paranonnal experience?
JF: Yes, many.
MH: Ok can you tell me about any of them?
JF: One in particular that stands out is probably when I was in high school me and my friends
like sometimes just for fun would play on the Ouija Board and there was like you know we heard
weird things about the myths of the Ouija board and anyways supposedly that only bad spirits
could actually or neutral spirits could actually speak through that. And anyways there was one in
particular that would always usually talk to us and his name was X, and in the spirit world he
supposedly was pretty high up there on the, on who was in control on the other side. Or at least
who has somewhat power on the other side, but anyway so his spirit for some reason took a real
attachment to myself and we'd been told from people with experience in the Ouija board that a
lot oftime spirits will be drawn to a person with a very innocent spirit or a good spirit and to be
honest usually when we played the Ouija board I was always saying prayers in my head because
you know I'd get really nervous of the unknown and bad things can really happen. Anyway
during this time, there was one day that I was in, in my home and I was downstairs in our
basement and I was alone down there, or at least I thought I was. And anyway I was in the
bathroom with the door open, and I was brushing my teeth. And in our bathroom downstairs
there's a mirror, a huge mirror above the sink and then, so then you know as your brushing your
teeth you can see out into the hallway behind you. And then there's another mirror, and so the
mirrors can catch you know reflections of each other. Well anyway, when I was brushing my
teeth I heard my name, I heard somebody say my name. And I look up and I just see this
silhouette of a figure and it, it resembled a male figure and I assumed it was my younger brother
at the time, Lance. And I held my finger up to say one minute you know, just give me a minute
I'm brushing my teeth ill be done. So anyways when I got done brushing my teeth I went into
Lances room at the time and nobody was there, and you know the lights were off and I thought
well ok maybe he went upstairs. So I went upstairs to see what he needed, and it turned out I was
the only one home and nobody was home, and nobody had been home. And so it really freaked
me out because you know who or what was it that said my name. And that I could see, and you
know see a figure of. And at that time I kind of related it to that maybe it was that spirit that we
had you know talked to on, on the, on the Ouija board.
MH: Is that the only time that you felt like you saw something, or?
JF: No, I always felt like growing up I always saw things or heard things. But I could never
explain them, and, and sometimes you know theres people that do studies on, on people that for
some reason have people from the other side that are drawn to them, its something that usually
happens to them all their life and you know I always noticed it where ever I went or where ever I
lived. I would usually catch something out of the comer of my eye or I'd hear things, I remember
being young and being upstairs in my parents room and I could hear voices talking to each other
like a man and a woman. I could never tell what they were saying, but I could hear them and I
remember turning off the TV to make sure it wasn't the TV, you know like background noise.
And putting my ear to the floor and could hear people talking down stairs, but nobody was there .
..•. _ .... _ .. _ ....... - - ----- __________________ .......1

And then even as I got older, you know I would hear or see things and you know I finally got to
the point though where you know I learned, that you can either draw them more to you by
focusing on that sixth sense that you may have, I believe everyone has that if people start using
theirs and figuring out how to use it and trying to getting in touch with it I think then they can
and are able to connect with whatever is going on the other side, or energys of some sort in this
world. Because you know we know very little about our brains and the capability of what we can
do with them, and we use very little of them. And so anyways my point is, is that as I was getting
older I started to push those notions out of my head and to distance myself from wanting that
connection with the other side. Or not wanting to have that connection and I would say now that
I'm a lot older I don't have those things happen to me because I am not in tune with that side of,
of my soul or spirit anymore.
MH: Ok, so have you had anything paranormal happen to you since you moved to Nome? Or
does nothing really happen anymore?
JF: I don't, I don't think anything has happened up here. I'm trying to think back, I know that
being up here its so different when you have darkness for, for a lot of the time such as in the
winter only getting four hours oflight. I remember well just being outside seems very eerie here,
and there you know are things that go on here that are unexplained. People disappear, people
vanish up here but, there was even a movie based on it. But it was their own theory, but if you do
any type of research on Nome, they do have 20 its standing now I believe at 24 or 25 people that
have never been found. They just vanish, they have, every, everybody, the FBI even has come up
here to investigate what goes on, and everybody has their theory, but I don't believe they know
for sure since they don't have any evidence of what happens to these people. But I for myself up
here or since I've moved here have not had any paranormal experiences, but I haven't for a long
time as I said. Probably you know a while ago they stared to not let my, inner spirit connect to
that other side, and not, because I was always tired of being afraid, or of being, or seeing things I
didn't want to see or catch out of the corner of my eye, or hear things.
MH: So, would you want to tell me about the time when you went to the Ogden cemetery?
JF: That is probably one of the most vivid experiences I've ever had, and that even as I've grown
older and more skeptical of those kinds of things, that is one thing I cannot deny that I, that I did
see with my own eyes. It was, I was in, again I was in high school and some friends there was
five of us and we'd gone to the Ogden cemetery and because there was this supposed spirit that I
mean the corny part was that if you flashed your headlights three times, this spirit would appear
and walk you know towards the vehicle and the two guys at the time that had gone, that had said
they had seen it and then took myself and two other friends along. You know we wanted to see it
for ourselves, we, we believed them but to a point. Because you never believe those things unless
you see it for yourself, and anyway so we went and we drove down to Ogden you know it was 2
a.m. or something and we drove into the Ogden cemetery and we backed up into this corner and I
think you kind of sat diagonal. One of the guys was driving and then, I don't remember who was
sitting in the passenger's side, but I just know I was sitting in the back in the middle so I could
see directly you know between the passenger and driver in front of the car. And we sat there and
they flashed there lights and we sat there for like an hour, and nothing happened. And so you
know while we were sitting there in the dark we were just talking you know as teenagers do, we
have lots to talk about and anyway so then we decided oh we're gonna give it five, ten more
minutes and then we'll go home. Cause we hadn't seen anything, and I don't know ifit's because

we started talking about like death and how you know we'd want to die, or how we wanted to be
buried, or how you know if that, if that ever happened to us and as we were talking about it all of
a sudden probably, probably ten feet in front of the car there was this three flashes, like on the
ground. A green yellowish glow and it just went FLASH FLASH FLASH! Really quick and we
were, we all saw it, and we, we were all like "did you see that?" "did you see that?" "oh my gosh
what was that?" "what was it?" and you know it like, even right now telling it the hair on my arm
starts raising. Because it takes me back to that point of being afraid of something you don't, you
can't explain, or don't know what it is. And so we sat there a little longer and within a couple of
minutes it happened again, and It just FLASH and then but it stayed. And then all of a sudden
this figure started to rise out of the ground and you could, it was a woman and you could see her
as, you could see every detail. As she rose up you could see her hair and it was long and flowy,
and then she had this gown on like, a gown from you know the 1900' s you know more of a old
style vintage gown and it, anyway when she started to rise up which you know I, I started
screaming. I was scared to death, I was terrified that if she started walking towards the car like
the myth is said too, my fear was I have these, I'm in the middle and I have these people sitting
next to me and what if she possesses one of them. And I just started screaming "START THE
else was screaming and the guy that was driving he started the car, and I remember he turned on
his lights and you could see almost this silhouette and what was even scarier was that we had to
drive through her to get out, and we did, and I was terrified absolutely terrified. Because I could
not explain it, it was a translucent figure but you could see everything. You could see her eyes,
her nose, her mouth, her like I said her hair was long and wavy and, and as we drove back to
Logan you know one of our friends she wanted to go back, she wanted to go back and sit there
longer, and I refused, I refused I never wanted to go back, and I never wanted to see that again.

CD Track:
Jared Hoggan
Place of Interview:
Date ofInterview: November 5,2012
Interviewer: McCall Hoggan
Recorder: McCall Hoggan
Recording Equipment: RCA Digital Voice Recorder VR5320R
Transcription Equipment: Microsoft Word
Transcribed by: McCall Hoggan
Transcript Proofed by: McCall Hoggan
Brief Description of Contents: Jared tells about the time he went to the Nunnery.
MH= McCall Hoggan (Interviewer)
JH= Jared Hoggan (Interviewee)
Pauses during the interview such as "Umm" are not included in the transcription.

4 .
MH: Its November 5, we're in Nibley Utah, its 7:00 at night and I'm interviewing Jared about
the time he went to the Nunnery. Can you tell me about it?
JH: Va, I was in high school it was probably fall, like September. And a group of friends from
high school who had always wanted to go up there, and check it out cause we had heard the usual
MH: What's the usual stuff?
JH: Like that it used to be a, a nunnery or a convent or something for nuns, a summer retreat.
And one of the nuns was supposedly pregnant and drowned her baby in the pool to cover it up
and shortly after they closed it down. And it sat empty for a long time, anyway so a bunch of us
decided to go up there, and you go across a, you go across a bridge across the Logan River and
then down a long wind, you know dirt road down to it. And it was all over grown with trees, and
really kind of spooky at night, and we were there and it was dark. And so we walked down and
there's a big pool, swimming pool outside, and kind of a big building like kind of a, I don't know
what you'd call it just kind of a place where they could gather, and then there was three or four
cabins, smaller cabins around the big building. We went in you know went through it and looked
around, people were trying to scare each other. And that's about it you know it's definitely a
place I'd like to see again especially in the day light cause I bet it's really pretty all the
craftsmanship and the cabins and stuff was really nice, at one time it was a really pretty pretty
place. It was kind of surprising that they would just let it go, and you know let it get so run down
and beat up. There was a lot of graffiti from people who had been in there before us and lots of
damage, broken down doors and stuff like that. You know we didn't see the nun walking around
like some people say they do, so we just basically did the tour, scared ourselves, and took off.
MH: So you don't think its haunted?
JH: No. I don't think its haunted, I think it's pretty cool.


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