Where the Sagebrush Grows: A History of USU Homecoming Traditions


Where the Sagebrush Grows Digital Exhibit graphic

Beginning with alumni reunions, Utah State University (USU) has a long tradition of inviting graduates back home to campus. Customary Homecoming celebrations began on college campuses in America during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Festivities included banquets, dances, parades, and most of all, football games. The first Homecoming celebration at Utah State was held in 1930 and, except for 1943, has been an annual tradition ever since.

 Exhibition Credits:

  • Robert Parson (Curator)
  • Frankie Urrutia-Smith (Curator)
  • Shay Larsen (Design)
  • Devin Greener (Preparator and Photographer)
  • Darcy Pumphrey (Digital Team)
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