Stations and Records

A Few Stations During the Operation of the U.I.C.

The logo of the U.I.C. as seen on the floor of the Mendon Station

(Howard Christenson, Providence Historic Preservation Commission) 

Besides the ability to house cars and make repairs, the stations also allowed for local deliveries and shipments of manufactured and agricultural products and mail. Station agents kept daily records of freight and passenger transactions, storing that information within the secure buildings. This information provides an intimate view into the daily life of agents, railroad engineers, customers, and local businesses who all depended on the U.I.C. for reliable and secure transportation. A sample of station documents can be accessed in Special Collections & Archives at the Merrill-Cazier Library of Utah State University via the links provided on the summary page.

Some Selected Records from the Mendon and Wellsville Stations

A Sample of Interesting Railroad Circulars from Station Records

[1] Swett, 76.
[2] Carr, 32.
[3] Swett, 76.
[4] This station was not built with the quality of most U.I.C. stations and no longer stands today.
[5] Glade Davis, interview by Rachel Gianni, September 15, 2006, Providence City Oral History Project, 2005–2008, Providence City, Utah, http://providenceuthistory.com/providence-history/oral-histories/glade-davis/.