Paranormal Encounters


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Paranormal Encounters


Item 20 consists of a personal narrative from an individual who went up to St. Anne's retreat in Logan Canyon.
Paranormal Encounters
Nick Allen
Utah State University
Fife Folklore Archives
Logan, Utah
Mr. Brad Gibbons
Spring 2014
Mountain Crest High School.
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Release Forms
Cover Essay
Autobiographical Sketch
List of Informants
Item No. Informant Title
1 Hartle Grandpas Ghost
2 Hartle Jump zone Ghost
3 Stolworthy Jump zone Ghost
4 Stolworthy Jump zone Ghost
5 Stolworthy Talking Elmo
6 Stolworthy Bloody Mary
7 Ashcroft Devil Goat
8 Ashcroft The Ghost Door
9 Ashcroft The Blue Beam
10 Ashcroft The Ghost • 11 Ashcroft Green Canyon
12 Ashcroft The Blonde Ghost
13 Ashcroft The Cemetery Ghost
14 Allen Jump zone Ghost
15 Allen Recordings
16 Wengreen The Witch Tree
17 Wengreen The Haunted TV
18 Wengreen Tapping
18 Wengreen Haunted Houses
20 Wengreen St. Anne's Retreat

• Cover Essay
Paranormal Encounters
Things of the paranormal have always been of interest to me. There is no scarier feeling
in the world than when you experience something of the paranormal. I remember when I was
younger my older brother would always tell me paranormal stuff that had happened to his
friends. I was always so scared but yet I wanted to know more, without experiencing these
things for myself.
My first time ever experiencing something paranormal came a few years back when my
friends and I heard a group of older kids talking about how scary Bloody Mary was. My friends
instantly wanted to try it. Me being the baby that I am told my friends that there was no way
that I was going into the bathroom to try it. When my friend went in there and did Bloody Mary
• I just remember him coming out at a full sprint, that rush of adrenaline that I got just seeing
how terrified he was instantly made me terrified.
Going After the Paranormal
Growing up in an LDS family I have always been warned about going after the
paranormal. So I haven't personally gone looking for it. But I have been with people who have
gone after it. I always try to make sure that I am never pressured into doing something like that.
But it is fun to listen to people who have gone after the paranormal. As Stephen Wagner says
in, "The Risks and Dangers of Paranormal investigations." He says, "Yes, ghosts, spirits, demons
and any other entity can attach themselves to you and follow you home." This is very true if you
go out looking for these things you will find them and it could ruin your life forever. I have
always been careful to not go looking for them. I know that it is very dangerous to go after •

them. I would recommend that you stay away from this stuff just because things might start to
follow you around, and try to harm you.
The main reasons people go after them
I think that people go after them because they don't know if they will actually work or
not. Well they do work and it is very scary. Like Bronson Stolworthy said, "We heard some older
kids about how they have done Bloody Mary." I think that when people go after them the
paranormal they either continue to go after it or they get really frightened and will never speak,
or got after it themselves ever again.
Why I chose my topic
I'm not sure why I did choose my topic actually. Because stuff of the paranormal scares
me so much. But then I remembered that I really just like to listen to people tell their personal
experiences and just watch as they tell me what happened and it's almost like they are doing it
again. The fear that they get on their face when they are telling it is just so fun to watch. They
also scare me a lot, and it's weird because I don't like to watch scary movies or anything, but I
love to listen to stories. And just so you know I don't go looking for it, it still scares me more
than almost anything on this planet so I like to stay away from it all. But I don't think that there
is any harm done in listening to other people's experiences.
I have always been curious to know if there is good spirits out there, like there are bad spirits that
try to harm you. Is there good spirits in the world that will try to keep these bad ones away from
you and try to help you? Like what is said in " Section 2. Relationship Between People On Earth
And Spirits" Which says, "good ghosts can also visit this world and help you." I think that this is
• true. I have seen it all the time, like when somebody's parent dies and at the funeral or later

after the funeral they say that they felt their parent with them during the funeral. I have also
heard when people have literally seen there grandparent in their ghost form visit them after
the funeral. It really freaks these people out, but they know that there parent is not going to do
any harm to them, so it really does just comfort them. I also like to listen to these stories of
people whose parents have come back to let them know that they are okay. It really makes me
not as scared of the paranormal. I know that if my parent's dies suddenly I would want to know
that they are okay. This happened to my seminary teacher's son died unexplainably, and the
story of how it happened almost made it sound like a suicide to everybody. But one day his son
came to him right before he was going to bed, and his son pretty much told him the whole story
of how he died. And how his family should not be worried about him because he was alright.
Another reason that I chose my topic is that it has always made me wonder whether or
not that there are more ghosts in cemeteries than there are in houses. I have tried to find
stories of other people that could try and lead me on but I haven't ever really found any. It
seems like most people tend to stay clear from cemeteries. I think just a general reason for this
is that they probably just want to respect the dead.
Paranormal stuff is so great to listen to. You just have to be careful that stuff like this
doesn't start to happen to you on a regular basis. Make sure that the risks are worth it. As yo
study my paper it can help you get more knowledge on this topic.

Wagner, Stephen. "The Risks and Dangers of Paranormallnvestigation." Paranormal
Phenomena. Web. 19 May 2014.
Allen, Nick Paranormal Encounters
"Relationships between people on earth and spirits" paranormal. com N.d. May 14, 2014

Autobiographical Sketch
My name is Nick Allen. I am 17 years old and I was born in Ogden Utah. I have lived in Wellsville
Utah ever since I have been 6 years old. I am a junior at Mountain Crest High School. I have 3
brothers and no sisters. My dad works for a company named Barco. My mom is a stay at home
mom. My family loves to be outdoors, we love to go fishing, skiing, and especially hunting. We
love the cold weather. My whole family is a part of The Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day
Saints. My brother is on a 2 year mission for our church in Argentina. My friends and I love to
tell scary stories. My Grandma also loves ghost stories. She tells me a lot of personal ones that
have happened to her. My whole family is very creative and can come up with stories. My
brothers and I used to love when my dad would tell his all of the crazy things he used to do
when he was in high school. We used to just listen to them for hours at a time. My dad's stories
are what got my so hooked on a good story. Whenever my family would go on a road trip my
dad would just tell us stories the whole time that we were driving. I personally love to listen to
stories, but I do not like to tell them. I love to be outdoors, and I always love to go on a run. I
love to go running through the mountains on trails. I also like to hike in the fall and just look at
all the beautiful trees and the colors that are there in the fall. That is one reason why I like
hunting so much, because I get to spend a lot of time in the outdoors hiking. I love the cold
weather that we have here in Utah. Because it allows me to spend time in the mountains with
my family and friends skiing and having a good time. I run cross country, and track for Mountain
Crest as well. I love the valley I live in, it is one of the prettiest places I have ever been. I decided
to use the paranormal stories that have happened to my friends for my folklore project.

List of I nforma nts
Hartle- Kayden Hartle was born in Ogden Utah, he moved to Smithfield Utah when he was ten
years old and has lived in the same house ever since then. He still goes down to Ogden to visit
his old friends and his grandparents who live down there. He is 16 years old and is currently a
sophomore at Sky View High school. He works part time at the Jump zone. He is a faithful
Mormon. In his free time he likes to dirt bike, hang out with friends, and ski. He likes stuff of the
paranormal. Items 1,2.
Stolworthy- Bronson Stolworthy lives in Providence Utah, and is a student at Mountain Crest
High school. He is 17 years old and is a junior in high school. He has lived here in Providence his
whole life. Bronson is a part time worker at Jump zone. He is a faithful Mormon. He is very
interested in Ghosts and that kind of stuff. Bronson likes to spend his free time, learning new
tricks on the trampoline, hanging out with friends, working out, and snowboarding. Items
Ashcroft- Christian Ashcroft is 22 years old. He lives in an apartment with his friends, in Logan
Utah. He has lived in Logan his entire life. He used to be a member of the Mormon Church, but
he has been inactive ever since high school. He works full time at Taco Time. In his free time he
likes to play computer games. Items 7,8,9,10,11,12,13.
Allen- Zane Allen is 11 years old he currently attends Mountain Side Elementary. He has lived in
Wellsville his entire life. In his free time he likes to play soccer, ski, and run. He is a member of
the Mormon Church. Items 14, 15.
Wengreen- Chase Wengreen lives in Mendon, Utah. He is 17 years old and is a junior at
Mountain Crest High School. He is a faithful member of the Mormon Church. Chase used to live
in Morgan Utah, but he moved to Mendon when he was 9 years old. He has lived in the same
house ever since then. Chase is very scared of paranormal stuff because he thinks that it is real.
In his free time he likes to snowboard, camp, and read. Items 16,17,18.
Wengreen- Dallin Wengreen is 15 years old and is a freshman at Mountain Crest High School.
He is a member of the Mormon Church. He has lived in Mendon since he was 7 years old. In his
free time he likes to play basketball, and read.
• Note- All my informants are middle-class, Caucasian, and come from a Christian backgrounds.

Item 1
Grandpas Ghost
Kayden Hartle
May 17, 2014
Logan Utah
Context: I was at the jump zone talking to Kayden who works there. We were talking about if
ghosts hang around once they die. It must have been talking about ghosts that reminding him
of an experience he had when he was 3 years old.
Text: When I was little my grandpa died, and before he died he was a mechanic at a lot of auto
shops. For my third birthday he gave me a toy Tonka Truck. A little bit later my grandpa died.
And the night after he died I woke up to a squeaky noise. It was the toy Tonka Truck going up
and down the halls. So then I got really scared and cried myself to sleep.
Texture. I think that this story did happen because it seems like a pretty believable story to me.
I don't think that is something that you would lie about. Because it was already a pretty sad
story because his grandpa died. I've heard that sometimes spirits stay around after they die to
try and comfort people. I really do think this story is true.
• Kayden Hartle
May 17, 2014
Logan, Utah

Item 2
Jump zone Ghost
Context: I went into the Jump zone and was talking to Kayden. I had asked him if he thought
there was any ghosts in the Jump zone. When I asked him this it must have made him think
about something that happened at the Jump zone.
Text: Before the Jump zone was here the furniture store used to be here. And where the
support beams are there used to be separate rooms. And in the separate rooms there was just
furniture stuff in them. And everyone morning at 3:33, which is the time of the Devil. Every
first of the month the alarm used to go off, and nobody knew why because there wasn't any
mice or anybody in there. So the cops would always have to come and they would look on
surveillance cameras and stuff. And nobody really new why it went off. They just went off every
Texture: I think that this story is real. Because the alarms went off at 3:33 and there was no
reason for it makes me believe this story. Also it makes it more believable that it only happens
the first Monday of every month. Because if it happened every morning than you could say that
something was just wrong with the wiring. I think that this story is true .

Item 3
Jump Zone Ghost
Bronson Stolworthy
Logan Utah
May 17, 2014
Context: Bronson works at the Jump Zone. I came in and asked him if anything Paranormal
takes place at the Jump zone. When I asked him this it must have reminded him of an
experience he had last week when he was working at the Jump zone.
Text: Well um before Jump zone was here there was um different play grounds that rented out
the building, and like gymnastics places and stuff. And there was this little girl that killed herself
here. Um she jumped off the playground and it broke her neck or something. And um its
happened a couple times but, um when I forget something up top and all the lights are off I
come up to get that one thing. And I hear laughing underneath the tramps. And it freaks me
• out because I'm pretty sure that it's that little girl who killed herself.

Texture: I think that this story is true. Because sometimes when somebody dies I think that they
stay in the building that they died in. I also believe this could have happened because lots of the
workers there also testify that they have heard this little girl laughing at them. Bronson also
seemed very scared when he was talking about this little girl laughing at him .

Item 4
The Jump Zone Ghost
Bronson Stolworthy
May 17, 2014
Logan Utah
Context: Bronson works at the Jump zone. I went to the Jump zone to see if anybody had any
paranormal experiences while working at the Jump zone. When I was talking to Bronson it must
have made him think of an experience he had a month ago.
Text: Well one night at the Jump zone the alarms were tripped. And so we went and looked at
the security videos. And for a little while there was nothing, and nobody had broken into the
building. Nobody was trying to break into the building. But around the same time that the
alarms got tripped, um we saw from one end of the trampolines we saw the tramps go in like
somebody was jumping on them. It wasn't going in a lot though it was like a little kid jumping
• on the tramps. It just kept moving into the hallway like over the tramps to where the hall was,
and the front desk. Then the alarms got tripped right as it stopped jumping. Like it had run out

or something.
Texture: This story is probably true. They showed me the security footage that they had saved
from the night. There really was a figure jumping up and down on the tramps. I don't think that
the workers are trying to playa prank on me either.

Item 5
Talking Elmo
Bronson 5tolworthy
May 17, 2014
Logan Utah
Context: Bronson works at the Jump zone. I went to the Jump zone to see if anybody had any
weird stories there. When we were talking about the ghost that lives in the Jump zone, it
reminded him of a story that happened at his house when he was ten years old.
Text: When I was like ten years old my sister moved out to college. And she had this Elmo doll.
You could press its belly and it could talk and stuff. And urn it was like a couple nights after she
had left. I got her room downstairs and it scared me because it was down stairs and stuff. That
night I heard noises coming out from the family room outside my room downstairs. I went out
there and it was like the same thing over again, I miss you come play with me. And I went in
• over by the cupboards and I opened the cupboards. And it was my sisters Elmo doll and it was
saying I miss you come play with me. And I'm pretty sure it was because my sister went to

college and it was freaking me out. So I went upstairs and slept in my parent's room. We got rid
of it the next day.
Texture: This is a very scary story. It is interesting that it was doing this right after his sister
went away to college. But because his parents got rid of it the day. Because this story happened
when he was 10 it makes it a little more believable because when you are ten you usually know
what is going on very well. I think that this story is true just because there is a lot of supporting
evidence in the Text .

Item 6
Bloody Mary
Bronson Stolworthy
May 17, 2014
Logan Utah
Context: Bronson works at the Jump zone. I went into the Jump zone because I was curious if it
was haunted. When I was asking Bronson about the Jump zone it must have reminded him of
this experience he had.
Text: Well one night at a football game, we a bunch of my friends, heard from a bunch of older
kids talking about how they have done Bloody Mary. And how you're supposed to say Bloody
Mary three times in a mirror while it was dark. And then turn the lights back on and there was
supposed to be something crazy, Bloody Mary or whatever, and me and this kid named Taylor.
We went into the bathroom, and we turned off the light and we said Bloody Mary, Bloody
• Mary, and Bloody Mary three times. And we turned the light back on and um he said he saw
something in the mirror but I wasn't even looking in the mirror because I was too scared, and

he freaked out and we both ran outside where all of our other friends were. I was just freaking
out and I was breathing really hard and, all of my friends all of a sudden were like what's on
your neck? And right on my neck, the front of my neck where my Adams Apple was there was
like red markings and it looked like and eyeball. It was like the illuminati eyeball.
Texture: Bronson told me that this happened two years ago at a football game in the school
bathroom. I question the truth of the red eye on his neck. I think it could have been he was just
so scared that's what he thought that it was. His friends were probable just scared in the heat
of the moment and that's what they thought it was .

Item 7
The Devil Goat
Christian Ashcroft
Logan, Utah
May 17, 2014
Context: Christian and I were at work together in Taco Time talking about all the crazy things
that have happened to us. When we were talking about our stories I think it reminded him
about this experience he had.
Text: When I was a kid I used to play baseball with my neighbor. My house was right by a large
forest. One day when I was about ten years old my friend and I were playing baseball. I was up
to bat and my friend gave me a good pitch. When I hit the ball I just watched it fly into the
trees. So I went running into the trees after it. When I was in the trees I started to look around
for the ball, but I couldn't find it anywhere. While my eyes were scanning around I noticed that
• there was a goat standing on two legs leaning against the tree looking at me. Its eyes were
bloodshot red, and it didn't really have a body, it had a figure. I didn't believe it for myself so I

called my friend over, and when I pointed it out to him we both took off running for our
freaking lives. I never went into those trees again.
Texture: Christian was about 10 years old when this happened to him. Because he was so
young I question whether or not that this story his true. Lots of little kids think they see things
but they really don't. This story is very hard to believe. But because his friend was also and saw
this goat I think that he is telling partial the truth with this story. I think that most of this story is
real but part if it is exaggerated.

The Ghost Door
Christian Ashcroft
Hyrum, Utah
May 17, 2014
Context: Christian and I were working at Taco Time together, we were talking about all of the
scary things that have happened to us. I was telling him about weird noises that I've heard in
my house before. It must have reminded him of this story.
Text: One day I came home from a hard day's work at Taco Time and it was about 11:00 at
night when I got to my apartment I realized that I was the only one home. My apartment is
already haunted I think so that made me extra scared. When I got home I was pretty scared so I
decided that I would turn on some music just in case there was somebody in my apartment,
and hopefully they would leave. When I was listening to my music I noticed that the door
drifted open, so I stopped the music and the door closed. When I played my music again the
door opened, so I stopped it and the door shut so I walked into the hall and there was nobody
there. I was so scared that I decided to just go stay in my friend's house for the night.
Texture: Christian told me that this happened to him a year ago in June. When he first told me
this story I thought that he was just kidding. But I could tell that as he was telling this story he
got scared again. When I noticed him getting scared again I realized that he wasn't kidding. I
think that this story is true, because it would be hard to come up with a story as fast as he told
this one .

Item 9
The Blue Beam
Christian Ashcroft
Logan, Utah
May 17, 2014
Context: Christian and I were working at Taco Time when he told me this story. We were talking
about a dream that I had the night before, and it reminded him of this experience he had a
couple months ago.
Text: One night I was having a hard time falling asleep. When I finally fell asleep I woke up
again. I decided to check what time it was. When I picked up my phone I noticed that there was
a small blue light right on my chest. I looked up at my closet and noticed that was where the
blue light was coming from. I tried to move so the beam wasn't on me but anywhere that I
moved it stayed on me. I felt like there was something very evil in the room. I tried to get up
and walk out but a strong force pushed my down onto my bed. I tried to break free from it but I
couldn't move. All of a sudden I felt like there was a huge weight on my chest that I couldn't get
off of me. Because it was pushing so hard on my chest I felt like I couldn't breathe. I started to
get super light headed. Then I must have passed out because I woke up and the sun was shining
into my window. When I looked down at my bed none of my bed sheets were on my bed
anymore. When I went up to get breakfast my roommates told me that they felt something
very evil in our house last night. That's when I realized that last night really did happen.
Texture: This happened to Christian a couple months ago. It happened in his apartment in
Logan. When Christian told me this story he seemed very scared. Christian and I are very good
friends so I doubt that she would lie to me. I think that he is telling the truth about what
happened to him that night .

Item 10
The Ghost
Christian Ashcroft
Logan, Utah
May 17, 2014
Context: Christian and I were working together at taco time talking about if we thought houses
could be haunted by ghosts. We were also talking about if we thought ghosts could also be nice
instead of being all mean. It must have been the ghosts that reminded him of this experience
he had last year.
Text: A year ago my brother lost his job and he had to come live at my Apartment. He moved
into the extra bed room that is right next to my room. Weill helped him move all of his clothes
into his room that took about the whole day. Well when we were done and getting ready for
bed he warned me to not be scared of the little boy. I thought he was joking and didn't think
• anything of it. I slept perfectly fine all night and I didn't even remember what he told me. When
I woke up I went and got in the shower. As I walked out of my room I looked over and saw a

little boy opening the door to go into my brother's room. I couldn't believe it so I rubbed my
eyes to see if there was anything there, and the little boy was gone.
Texture: This is a very interesting story. The fact that his brother told him to watch out for the
little boy makes me believe that this story is real. But the fact that he saw the little boy as he
was still a little groggy makes me not believe this story. I think that this story is real because I
don't know if you can hallucinate seeing a ghost.

Item 11
Green Canyon
Christian Ashcroft
Logan, Utah
May 17, 2014
Context: Christian and I were working at Taco Time talking about scary stories that have
happened to us. We were talking about if we thought canyons could be haunted by a ghost. I
think it was talking about canyons that made him think of this experience that happened to him
last week.
Text: I think canyons are haunted. One night my friends decided to go have a fire up Green
Canyon. I knew that I had work that night so I tried to get it off. Nobody would take my shift so I
decided to just meet my friends up there after work. When I got off work I just had a feeling
that I should just stay home and to not go and meet my friends at their fire. I decided that I was
just being a baby and started the drive up Green Canyon. I again had an iry feeling about the
• canyon and I wanted to turn around. I decided that I had already driven this far so I decided just

to gomeet my friends. When I was about half way up the canyon I looked over into my
passenger seat and there was a dark figure sitting in my seat. I let out a scream and started to
head down the canyon. As soon as I got out of the canyon the figure left my car.
Texture: I think that this story is true. I have heard a lot of a lot of scary things that have
happened up Green Canyon. I have been up there myself and I felt very scared the whole time
that I was up there. Because of all the other stories I have heard I believe that this story is true .

Item 12
The Blonde Ghost
Christian Ashcroft
Logan Utah
May 17, 2014
Context: Christian and I were working at Taco Time talking about if we thought ghosts were real
or not. This must have reminded him of an experience he had last year in his apartment at Utah
State University.
Text: Last year when I was live up at Utah State I had something really scary happen to me. It
was about midnight when I got home from work. To my surprise none of my roommates were
home. I was very scared because my roommates and I have always thought that our apartment
was haunted. I was very scared so I decided to go to bed. When I was in my bathroom brushing
my teeth I saw a girl with long blonde hair go running and laughing down the hall of our dorm. I
thought that it was one of my roommates playing a trick on my so I walked into our living room
expecting to see one of my roommates there, but there was nobody there. So I called my
roommate asking her where she was, and she said that she was at her parents' house for the
night. I thought about who it could have been, and that's when I realized that nobody with long
blonde hair lives with me.
Texture: When Christian told me this story he was very serious about it. It almost looked like he
was a little scared just thinking about it. If it wasn't a ghost it was probably just one of his
roommate's friends trying to scare him. I personally believe this story and think that a ghost
actually did run down her hall.

Item 13
The Cemetery Ghost
Christian Ashcroft
Logan, Utah
April 10, 2014
Context: Christian and' were working at Taco Time talking about if we thought that ghosts
were real or not. We were also talking about if we thought that ghosts stayed in cemeteries
with their bodies. This happened to him two years ago when he was a senior in high school.
Text: Back in high school me and my friends used to playa lot of games in cemeteries. Well
once we were playing ghost in the graveyard and' was the one looking around for everybody.
Once' found all my friends we were talking in the back of the cemetery. We all started to here
weird noises. So we decided that it was time to leave. The noises started to get louder and
louder until we all just started to make a run for it. 'looked back and saw a figure floating after
us so , started running even faster, when' looked behind me again' saw the figure had moved
closer to us at an inhuman speed. When we got out of the cemetery we looked back and
nothing was there.
Texture: , am not sure if' believe this story. The ghost that he saw was probably just one of his
friends just trying to scare them. And the noises that they heard could have been just the wind
blowing through the trees and the headstones. When it moved at an inhumane speed he
probably just thought it was further away than when he first saw it .
• Item 14
The Jump Zone Ghost
Zane Allen
Wellsville Utah
May 182014
Context: I was talking to Zane about how cool I thought that It would be to have a sleep over at
the Jump zone. That must have reminded him of an experience he had when he was sleeping
over at the Jump zone with his friends.
Text: Are you crazy there is no way I would ever have a sleepover at the Jump zone! Last week
me and some friends decided to sleep over at the Jump zone. Everything was super fun until
about 2:00 in the morning. We were all laying the foam pits, with the lights dimmed so we
could see a little bit, but not so it was bright. We were talking when we heard somebody
jumping on the tramps. I thought it was just one of my friends playing around with us. So I tried
to sneak over to the trampolines, and when I looked at them there was nobody there, the
• tramps were just moving up and down. It was scary.

Texture: This happened to Zane a couple weeks ago. This would be very scary especially if I was
only 11 years old. Zane is friends with the owner's son, so they get to go have sleepovers there
a lot. I think that this had to bet the Jump zone ghost that was jumping on the tramps. There is
nothing else that it could be .
------------------------------------- -----------_ ..... _ .

Item 15
Zane Allen
Wellsville Utah
May 18, 2014
Context: Zane and I were talking about all the awesome trips that we have been on before. I
was talking to him about when I was in St. George with my friends. It must have been this that
reminded him of an experience that he had.
Text: So one time we were in St. George for my soccer tournament. And we were in this creepy
house that we could rent for the weekend. And it was just really creepy because there was
burnt candles, and pictures of Mona Lisa, and weird statues, and then one night I was sleeping
and then with my brother and then urn we woke up in the morning and he was looking at his
iPod. And he went through the pictures, and there was a creepy, well there was a video, and
then it was of me and my brother sleeping. We just thought it was one of my other brothers
messing around but it really wasn't.
Texture: Zane said that this happened to him last year for his soccer tournament in February. It
sounds like a very scary story. I think that it did actually happen. Because Zane told me that the
recording was recorded at 3 in the morning. He also told me that he was the last one to go to
sleep so that puts everybody else out of the picture .

Item 16
The Witch Tree
Chase Wen green
Mendon Utah
May 18, 2014
Context: Chase and I were hanging out at his house in Mendon Utah. I remembered hearing
about a witch tree that is up in the mountains above his house. When I asked him about this it
must have reminded him of this experience he had.
Text: Dude the witch tree is definitely haunted. Last week me and my friends were hanging out
in Mendon, we were all super bored and had nothing to do. We decided to get in my razor and
head up the witch tree and see if it is haunted. When we started to head up the mountain there
was no wind at all. When we got to the Witch Tree I went in through the fence, and I kicked the
tree has hard as I could. Right when I kicked it the wind started to blow at about 30 miles per
hour. This really freaked me out so I got back in the razor, and I swear as I turned on the engine
I heard a howl come from the tree. I just bombed it down the hill.
Texture: I think that parts of this story are true. I don't know if I believe that they heard a witch
howl when they were leaving. I think the witch howl was just to make the story seem scarier.
The probably just thought that they heard the witch howl because they were so scared at the
time. But I do believe that the wind started to blow really hard after chase kicked the tree.

Item 17
The Haunted TV
Chase Wengreen
May 18, 2014
Mendon Utah
Context: Chase and I were hanging out at his house, I asked him if he knew about any haunted
houses that were in Mendon. It must have been me asking him about haunted houses that
reminded him of something that happened to him in his old house in Morgan Utah
Text: Back at myoid house in Morgan Utah, we urn used to have a lot of weird things happen to
us when we lived there. One I just got home from a friend's house and I was really scared just
because it was dark outside and stuff. Weill got home and just went to bed because it was
already pretty late. And I woke up at 3:33 to my bedroom TV playing at full blast. It was really
scary because I know that I didn't turn on my TV, it just turned on randomly. I was really scared
because I already thought that my house was haunted .
Texture: Chase said that this happened to him about 5 years ago when he used to live in
Morgan. There is a lot of things that this could have been. It could have been that he just rolled
over on the remote while he was sleeping. But I think that his house was actually haunted, and
that a ghost did turn the TV on .

Item 18
Chase Wengreen
Mendon Utah
May 18, 2014
Context: Chase and I were hanging out talking about ghosts and haunted houses. I asked him if
anything scary had happened at his house. It must have been this that reminded him of an
experience that he had.
Text: So quite a while ago I was sitting in my bed, just playing games on my phone, and I heard
something, somebody jump into my window seal and I heard the leaves crackling, and then I
heard three loud bangs on my window I got freaked out, so I stood up and ran out my door, and
then I went up to my little brothers room and slept there. Then the next day we just went out
and looked at my window to see if we could see if anyone was there. There was like crushed
leaves on my window seal and I saw figure prints on my window .
Texture: Chase told me that this happened to him two years ago. He also told me that as he
was running out of his room that he looked back and didn't see anyone there. I think that there
could have been somebody there, it was probably just one of his older neighbors trying to scare
him or something .

Item 19
Haunted Houses
Dallin Wengreen
Mendon Utah
May 18, 2014
Context: I was at Dallin's house talking to his family. I was asking them about a scary looking
house that I drove past in Mendon. This reminded Dallin of an experience that he had in that
Text: Okay so about two months ago me and some of my friends went to an old abandoned
house. And I was with a group of friends, and most of them scattered all throughout the house
going downstairs into the dusty old basement. And me and two of my other friends went into
the upstairs rooms and there was a couch. We saw two eyes poke up above the couch and we
went to go see what was behind it and there was nobody there.
Texture: Dallin told me that this story happened to him about two months ago. The way he
described it to me it sounded like he kind of saw the top of a head with the eyes. I personally
don't think that this story is real. It was probably just an old cat that lives at that house now. I
just don't know if you would be able to see a ghosts eyes in the dark .

Item 20
St. Ann's Retreat
Dallin Wengreen
Mendon Utah
May 182014
Context: I was over at Dallin's house talking with is family. They were talking about buying a
cabin up Logan Canyon. It must have reminded Dallin of an experience that he had up at St.
Anne's Retreat.
Text: Dude the Nunnery is scary. Last summer I was with my cousins and we were at a family
party, and it was really dumb so we decided to go up to the Nunnery. It was about 11:00 at
night when we got there. When we walked through the gate I was instantly freaked out. We
decided to go by the pool first. But when we walked out to the pool we heard a baby crying, we
looked around and couldn't find a little baby, so we left, and I will never go there again.
Texture: Dallin told me that this story happened to him last summer. I think that it is probably
true. I have heard from a lot of people that scary things like that happen to the Nunnery. He
could just be trying to scare me though. But I think that he is actually telling me the truth. He
didn't really seem like he was kidding around about it either.


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