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Ghost Stories


Two accounts of legend-tripping at the "Nunnery" In Logan Canyon.

Ghost Stories
Tyler Thurston
Utah State University
Fife Folklore Archives
Logan, Utah
Mythology: Folklore
Mr. Brad Gibbons
Mountain Crest High School
Fall 2013
• Table of Contents
Release Forms
Cover Essay
Autobiographical Sketch
List of Informants
Item No. Informant Title
1 Roholt Dream
2 Peacock Nunnery
3 Roholt Oujia Board
4 Linton Logan Canyon
5 Backus Nunnery
6 Backus Haunted House
7 Nielson Haunted Closet • 8 Nielson Face on the Wall
9 Gonion Weeping Widow
10 Gonion Haunted House
11 Janet Thurston Ghosts
12 Janet Thurston Ghosts
13 Janet Thurston Ghosts
14 Janet Thurston Ghosts
15 Jake Thurston Closet door
16 Brenda Nielsen School
17 Jake Thurston Attic
18 Janet Thurston Hitchhiker
19 Janet Thurston Hillside
20 Roholt Pasture

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Cover Essay
Ghost stories have been and always will be a hot topic just
about anywhere you go. It seems like no matter who it is you talk
to either they know a guy, or they say that they themselves have
witnessed or heard something that would have to do with the
paranormal. If you believe the stories you hear or if you think that
the story you are being told is just a story that's been blown way
out of proportion just to try and get a cheap scare out of somebody
it is still fun to see the kind of reactions that you do out of people
when the story is over, so its always nice to have some good stories
tucked away just in case.
I love to hear ghost stories and I always have. I do what I can
to think that what they are telling me is 100% true because I think
it would be way cool if I knew for a fact that ghosts do exist,
however I cant do that so I just try to believe that they do. It is
interesting to hear other peoples views on what they think is
causing weird things in their house to happen because they are
certain that there is no such things as ghosts and that there is a
logical reason for everything, when really they are probably
freaking out in their house every time the wind blows, and they
just want to act like they don't believe in the paranormal.
The thing that would probably intrigue me the most about
ghosts and crazy things like that happening is because for the most
part I think I really do believe. One thing in particular really makes
me believe that the dead have a way of talking to you in different
ways. For example, during the end of summer in 2010 me and my
family were up at the sand dunes on our second day of our four day
dune trip riding four wheelers. We had all woken up and
everybody was eating breakfast. I wanted to hurry and do some
riding so I just had a glass of milk and went off by myself but
stuck around camp while my family ate. I ended up crashing my

wheeler really bad and came very close to dying from all of my
injuries that consisted of: five vertebra in my back being broken,
shattering my spleen, lacerating my kidneys, bruising a lung, and
getting a concussion. After my full week of being in the ICU in
Rexburg I was able to go home. It was the second or third night
that I had been back when I had a dream. I was at a party of some
kind in this HUGE room that kind of seemed like a super fancy
hotel lobby or something, just a giant room. In the middle of the
room there was a giant circular center piece with a metal railing
going around it and in the middle there was like a water fountain,
and some trees. When across the room I see my aunt Tami and my
uncle Curtis, both of these members of my family were killed in a
car accident in 2008. I run around the center piece and give them a
big hug and the dream ended shortly after that. I thought it was a
pretty crazy dream but didn't say anything about it to anybody
basically because it was kind of a sad dream and didn't really want
to upset anybody. Well about a week after having that dream I was
in the bathroom one morning brushing my teeth and my mom
came in and started doing her hair. My mom begins talking to me
and she tells me that a few nights ago she had a dream. In this
dream I was at a party of some kind and she remembered a center
piece in the room with a fountain in the middle of it. She saw me
running around some kind of center piece to go and give my aunt
and uncle a big hug. As she finishes telling me this story I am
dumbfounded that she just vividly described my dream to me.
Keep in mind that I almost died and was still recovering, the
doctors had told me that 15 minutes later to the hospital and I
probably would have bled to death. The way we looked at it was
pretty much my aunt and uncle telling us that if I wasn't going to
make it through this ordeal that they would have been there on the
other side to take care of me.
Another story that I have I experienced with my friends. We
were all over at our buddies house when our friend told us that he
had a oujia board. I had always wondered about these things but

had heard stories and I was a bit worried to try it out but curiosity
got the best of my and I was down to be playing it and see if it
worked like people said it did. There were ten of us there but only
eight were willing to play it because of all the hype that goes on
with them, two people didn't want to take the risk, I couldn't really
blame them. We sat down lit the candle and started asking it
questions, it immediately started working for us but were just
asking it things like "how many spirits are here with us" and things
like that. When we really started to get freaked out is when we
asked it where it was located and it would answer with "TV" and
you were the guy by the TV or "Couch" and you were on the
couch. The scariest part however was when we asked a spirit
where it was and it responded with "you" at that point we all
stopped and briefly freaked out, then put it away. Of course though
we had to pick it up again and keep asking stuff, nothing really
freaky happened around us at all but the answers were freaking us
out pretty good. The house that we were playing it in has got quite
a few weird things going on and our friend that lives there has told
us some weird things that go on in there and he kind of thinks that
we might have let something in with the board, so needless to say
we haven't played it for quite some time.
My method for collecting all of the material was pretty
simple. All I did was I asked around to see if anybody had a story
about something that had happened to them that they thought was
weird and that they didn't really have a logical explanation to.
Some of the stories that I had gathered, the person couldn't sign for
it because they were to young, or they were to far away so I just
had them tell the story to somebody else that I was friends with,
and then I just had that person tell me the story so that I could
record it. Then for some of the other stories I had, I already had
gotten a few stories from people and had them sign for it, then they
would call me with another story that they remembered they had
and then I would just record it over the phone because I didn't
need another signature, just their voice. Then when it came to

organizing everything, all I did was just put everything in the order
that it happened. There is no sense in making all of the interviews
jump around everywhere because it would be harder for me to
keep track of everything and I am sure it would be a pain to grade,
plus for the most part I think I just followed the packet we were
given to go off of because I figured that you can't go wrong with
following the instructions.
The way that I look at ghost stories hasn't really changed
even after interviewing everybody and hearing their stories. Plus
all I can really do is take everybody's word for it that they are
telling the truth, however the story Kaden Roholt told about his
dad being visited by his deceased grandpa shortly after he had died
I truly believe to be true because that is not the first time I have
heard that story before. I assume that story is one that might have
actually changed the way I look at ghostly things a little bit
because that one I can actually relate a little bit to my experience
with my aunt and uncle. Now I kind of think that maybe dreams
could be some type of a (not trying to sound crazy here) but like a
window or something? I don't know, but apparently there is
something special about a dream and the dead because I know of
two accounts that involve a deceased family visiting them in their
dream for pretty crazy reasons. Kadens grandpa was there to say
goodbye and I think one of the reasons my aunt and uncle could
have been able to talk to me was because I was already so close to
death. Plus I forgot to mention this up top but I got really sick with
something called C-dif, that was the worst experience that I have
ever had. I would go through all of the pain of the four wheeler
accident again before I went through the C-dif illness again,
because that was the part out of the whole experience where I
literally felt like I was going to die. I lost 25 pounds in a matter of
about a week and was so dehydrated that I had to go to the hospital
and get two fulll.v. bags pumped into me because I couldn't keep
fluids. Around this time was when I had my dream.

At the beginning of getting all of the information from
friends and family and friends of friends, I was skeptical. To be
honest even when I have been thinking things through as I have
been writing this paper, I have been changing my perspective on
how I look at ghosts. I think that ghosts probably do exist, whether
you read through this and think that I am an idiot for thinking that I
really couldn't care less. I know what I have experienced, I have
heard my friends discuss things for the interviews and outside of
the interviews that I believe to be true and so therefore I think I
have good reason to believe .

Autobiographical Sketch
My name is Tyler Thurston and I am seventeen years old. I am a senior at Mountain Crest
High School and will be graduating in 2014. I was Born in Logan Utah and have lived in
the same area in Nibley for my entire life. I have one little brother and no sisters. My dad
works at Nucor steel and my mom works at Gossner Food's in the human resources
department. I also work at Gossner Food's and am on my way to my third year working
there. I am a maintenance worker and am outside doing stuff for the most part but am
indoors every now and again. I plan on working at Gossners until I am old enough to
work at Nucor steel along with my dad and my uncle, my grandpa also used to work there
until he retired about six years ago so I figured I should probably keep the tradition
going! I live for music. Metal music is something that my life revolves around, old and
new. I'm talking 80's hair metal like Motley Crue, Poison, Pantera, and so much more.
however I mainly listen to the newer type of metal that is super heavy and gets you
moving like crazy. I am currently in a band where I do guitar and vocals, and I love
everything about it. I also love to snowmobile, snowboard, go rock climbing, go to the
dunes, drag racing and pretty much anything else that involves friends and a good time.
The reason I would like to learn more about scary stories and things that involve ghosts is
because I just love getting scared, and I love "dark" "scary" things like movies, music,
and many many more. I have always been fascinated with things like that and I have
also always been confused on what to believe when it comes to ghosts. There are a bunch
of shows that are on TV that say they are all real, but I have no way of knowing if
anything is really happening in those shows because with special effects and all of the
other stuff that we have nowadays you can never tell if anything is true, and when it
comes to big budget movies that are being made that say "based on a true story" or "true
events" you never know how many of the things in the movie really did happen, or if
Hollywood just took a cool concept they heard about and decided to add a bunch of far
fetched stuff in there so that it is kind of based on the true story. Some friends of ours
actually were living in a house that they had claimed to be "haunted" and they actually
had some pretty believable stories, plus we had stayed the night there a few times and we
experienced a few things that were kind of "different" if you know what I mean. Me an
my friends have had some experiences of our own also. Curiosity got the best of us one
night when me and a bunch of my friends were all hanging out and we decided that we
would go get our hands on a Ouija board. I have always wondered about these things,
wondered if they really worked or not, always thought that maybe the people playing
them were just making them move and that everything was super fake, however I am a
believer now. That thing scared us pretty good and we have not been able to get any of
our other friends to touch play it with us again so I am thinking I might look further into
those things and learn more about them while I do more of my research on ghost stories
and encounters .

List of Informants
Roholt- Kaden Roholt is a Senior at Mountain Crest High school
and lives in Mount Sterling which is up in the Wellsville Area. He
has lived there for about 16 V2 years because he moved into that
house when he was little. He is 17 years old and plays in a band
with me called Tr3ason where he plays bass. He enjoys playing
music, snowboarding, and hanging out with friends. He thinks his
house just might be haunted from the weird things he sees and
hears from time to time. 1, 3, 20
Peacock- Justin Peacock is also a senior at Mountain Crest High,
and he lives in Nibley Utah and has for all of his life. He enjoys
riding four wheelers, and really just being outside doing something
fun with friends. He works at the McDonalds in Hyrum and is
currently thinking of quitting his job and finding a new place to
work. 2
Linton- Robert Linton is one of the owners of the Whysound
venue in Logan Utah and is also a musician himself. Robert writes
classical instrumental stuff on the acoustic guitar and actually
wrote and performed some of the music that was on the Oprah
Winfrey show back when it was popular. However just because he
is playing acoustic stuff he certainly likes himself some super
heavy metal bands! 4
Backus- Alec Backus lived in Arizona for a few years before
moving to Hyrum about four years ago and he plays in a band
called False Witness right now where he plays guitar and My band
has played quite a few shows with them and we attend just about
every metal show in Salt Lake with them anytime there is an
awesome show in town. 5, 6
Nielson- Mckae Nielson lives up in Mt Sterling and is 17 years
---------------------- ---._ ......... - . .. .

old. Mckae plays guitar really really well and does plays in the
same band as Mr. Alec Backus, and he does vocals as well. Hi
family is Mormon and attends church often. He currently works for
the Iron Gate grill catering and likes doing that and really enjoys
the fact that he gets to eat the left over's that people don't eat at the
parties he caters for. 7, 8
Gonion- Tristan Gonion lives in Hyrum Utah and is yet another
musician. He plays in the band with Mckae Nielson and Alec
Backus where he plays bass. Tristan loves to ride four wheelers
and go fast, plain and simple he likes to go fast. 9, 10
Janet Thurston- Janet Thurston is my madre and lived in
Pocatello for her whole life until she married my dad, and that is
when they moved into an apartment that they lived in for a few
years and then we moved into the house we live in now. She likes
to snowmobile, make crafts, and just do artsy type things, she is
currently employed at Gossner foods. 11, 12, 13,14, 15,17, 18, 19
Brenda Nielsen- Brenda lives in Hyrum and is retired from
work and is my grandma. Her and my grandpa care for my two
little cousins who are both 5 and 9. She used to teach at an
elementary school before I was born but now spends most of her
time keeping the young ones busy .

Tyler Thurston
August 11, 2013
Item 1
Deceased Dream
Context: Kaden informed me that his dad had a pretty crazy
experience once when he was 8 or 9 years old and he was kind
enough to share the story with me.
Text: Alrighty so my dad told me this and its one of my dads
personal experience ghost stories. When he was about 9 or 9 his
grandpa had passed away, and when he was asleep his grandpa
came to him and he said hey Shane, im dead and I wanted to talk to
you for a minute. He had a short conversation with him and they
said their goodbyes. As his grandpa was leaving his dream he woke
up to his dad waking him up and he said hey Shane I have bad
news. Shane said I already know. His dad said what do you mean?
Shane said grandpa visited me and said he was dead.
Texture: Kaden heard this from his dad and his dad said that it is
completely true and that he remembered everything with distinct
Both me and Kaden believe his dad was telling the truth and I
think this was one of the most interesting stories I gathered out of
the twenty other stories that I have to sort through.
Item 2
• The Nunnery (Get out)
Context: Justin has a brother in law that took a trip up to the
nunnery with his friends and this came up in conversation because
about 2 weeks ago me and my friends went to the nunnery so he
told me about Rex's experience.
Text: Alright my brother in law Rex was with a group of his
buddies up at the nunnery and it was him and ten other friends, one
of his buddies had a camera and they were in a little group walking
through the nunnery, and it was really quiet then they suddenly
heard a whispered "get out", so they all freaked out and ran out of
• there and on the video you hear get out then the rest is just the
sound of a swinging arm with a camera haha pretty creepy.
Texture: Justin heard the story from his brother in law Rex but I
am not entirely sure if I am sold on this story or not. We have been
up at the nunnery and there was nothing really going on the whole
hour and a half we were up there. Who knows, maybe it was
somebody up there with another group of friends and they thought
it would be funny to go and scare the other group of people that
was up there with them.
• Item 3
Oujia board

Context: Alrighty So me and two other friends had this Ouija
board and we were playing with it and the night went on with it
and we had been playing with it for about an hour and a half before
everyone left and my one friend who owned it was to afraid to take
it home with him so I just said I would keep it here at my house.
then later at night I'm in bed playing X box and I am just laying
down and while im playing I notice a serious pressure going on my
arm and when I look at my arm the pressure slowly relieved and it
felt like something was getting up and moving, so i was kinda
wigged out but I didn't think much about it. So I keep playing x
box then it was late enough to go to bed. I go to take my shirt off
and my tag was sticking out and then it felt like four fingers slid
down my neck and tucked my tag into my shirt so I flip around and
there was nothing there so I got a really eerie feeling. So I am
laying in bed and fall asleep but then wake up around 3:20
which is the witching hour between 3-4, and at the end of my bed I
• hear some really heavy breathing at the end of my bed so I look

around and don't see anything and the breathing kept happening as
I forced myself to go back to sleep.
Texture: Kaden told me this story right before we started playing
with the Ouija boards ourselves because he wanted us going in
there already freaking out even before anything started to happen.
I can buy this story because I have heard crazy stuff from people,
and on the internet about the Ouija boards so why would it be
crazy to think that it could happen to him?
Item: 4
• Ghost Dog
Context: I asked Robert if he could help me out with my

mythology project by telling me a story that he had maybe
experienced that was at all scary, and he happened to have this one.
Hey what's going on? My friends and I were chilling up logan
canyon one night we go up there often to hang out have food and
sit around a camp fire. It just so happens this one particular night it
was kind of strange we were all sitting around the campfire and a
sound came out of nowhere that I heard like a chain rattling. And at
first I though someone parked their car down on the road and was
walking their dog up the trail, maybe even a park ranger seeing
what was going on. So as I heard the noise I kind of just jumped up
expecting to see a dog under the table like I mentioned but
instantly after I heard chain rattles there was nothing there and it
was crazy that our natural reaction was to jump out of our seats to
look under the table, see what was there and it was right in our
vicinity of where we were and after we saw nothing we went and
searched the path because we were so focused on the sound we had
• heard and this was pretty legitimate and after looking around we

didn't find anything so it was very very strange.
Texture: I don't know what Robert heard, maybe it was a ghost of
some sorts or who knows maybe it was even a chain tied to a tree
somewhere that was blowing in wind or something I don't know
but Robert isn't the type of guy to just lie to you so I believe he
heard something that startled all of them .
Item 5
Context: Alec and I had gone up to the nunnery with a group of
friends and then a few days later he went up with another group of
friends and he wanted to tell us how the two experiences differed
. ........ _ . . . _---- - ----- -------

Text: Alright so me and 3 or 4 other friends went up to the
nunnery in Logan canyon and first off its just a super sketchy
place but so there is a main room that is a lot freakier than the rest
by where the pool is if you know what I'm talking about. And its
weird to hear creaking sounds and the main room inside of it, its
boarded off except for a hole we had to go through you get in and
it smells awful, chains hanging from the roof there is weird sounds
all over, there is no way it wasn't paranormal. There was creaking
up and down steps and nobody else was walking around with us
we were all standing still. The nunnery / St. Anne's Retreat.
Texture: I had been to the nunnery before and didn't really
experience any of these things before except for the big room
being boarded off and the chains from the ceiling but I don't know
maybe he really did hear and see and smell that stuff, it is a creepy
place however.
Item 6
Arizona Ghost
Context: Alec told me this story a few years ago when we had just
gotten done watching a scary movie because he said that it
reminded him of the same type of "ghost be gone" they had to use
in Arizona.
• Text: ok so when I lived in Arizona I was a little kid so I don't
remember a whole lot about it, but I had this really weird freaky
house we were renting and the basement was always really
freezing cold, and we felt like there was another presence there so
my parents got a weird kind of exorcism and get rid of the ghostly
presence and it worked and was gone forever.
Texture: I don't know about this one, especially because he was a
little kid at the time so it could have just been a whole lot of little
kid imagination going on that had a lot to do with it but he believes
• what he said was true so I am not going to fight him on it ha.

Item: 7
Haunted Closet
Context: We were making fun of Mckae and what not and the
things we were saying to be funny reminded him of a story that
wasn't really what you would say is funny it's a lot more freaky .
Text: This one is about my haunted basement closet so one day I

was down there watching TV and I noticed the door was opening
and closing by himself and I thought my little brother was playing
around so I kept watching TV and it kept opening and closing. It
brings back emotions. So I'm sitting there and I get this bad feeling
like a chill and I was like I need to check this out and I turned off
my TV so it was really dark and I look in the closet and there was
no one in there so it was weird then the door slammed shut behind
me and I was like 0 no 0 no and then I hear a voice like Mckae
Mckae and I was freaking out it was crazy then something grabbed
my leg ... .it was outta this world.
Texture: This is either a really crazy story that should be on the
news or else this is just something he thought he would say ha
either way I think it is a fun story that could be passed around to
people that is just fun.
Context: he got done telling me the other story that he told me for
7 and he said that he had another one for me so we sat down and he
let me interview him once again.
• Text: So I was laying in my bed and it was bed time and I am
• asleep. I wake up and its like 4 in the morning and im like that's
weird I woke up so I roll over to sleep again and I close my eyes
and then I open them again and I see this face on my wall that I
swear was there so I was freaking out and I was like oh no that is
crappy and so I closed my eyes and went to bed and in the morning
it wasn't there and so I was just being haunted by a ghost
Texture: I have actually heard stories about people playing with
Ouija boards and having this type of thing happen to them. I don't
know if he has ever played with one of those before, but I would
recommend he quits doing that if he does if he is getting crazy
• things like that to happen in his house!
Item 9
Weeping Widow
Context: Me and my friends went legend tripping on Halloween
night to the cemetery to see the weeping widow and see if we
could get her to look at us when we shined the light on her, and
Tristan Gonion tells us what happened
• Text: Me and my wonderful friend Tyler, and Alec and Mckae and
• Tyger all decided to check out the weeping widow in the late
afternoon in the night, so we decided to hop the fence and
unfortunately Tyler ripped his pants and so did I we got stuck and
were freaking out as cars were driving by and once we got over our
ripped pants we went to the widow and did the light thingy and
looked at it and it worked and we were very surprised because we
were very spectacle, it was quite sketchy because we didn't think it
would work and it did, and being in the cemetery was creepy
• anyways.
Texture: I was with these guys when they did it and yes indeed it
did work, we all had big flash lights and once we turned them off
we saw the statue lift her head out of her hands and look at us .... .it
was scary.
Item 10
Haunted Building
Context: Tristen heard about this haunted area from his brother
that lives in Pennsylvania and he went there so he thought he
would share it with his dear friends.
Text: I heard about this building that was haunted I don't
• remember what it was but I went to check it out with one of my

good old pals so we decided to go in and we got to the door and it
was chained and we broke it, and the creepy door creaked and we
got into the room and it smelled like something had been skinned
in there like hunting people lived there, it was kinda weird, so we
wondered around the building and we found a dining room area
that was way nice and had a way nice chandelier at the edge of the
table it was really weird like someone was following us but no one
was there and it looked like people had been living there recently.
Texture: I wish I knew what this place was called so maybe I
could google it or something but he said everything he told us was
true and this building was really nasty.
Item: 11
Haunted House
Context: These friends of ours live just down the road from us and
this lady has got a BUNCH of stories about ghosts that she has
come in contact with over the years and I have been in her house
and I am definitely thinking that she is being haunted all of the
Text: we are at our friends house hanging out one night and she is
telling me about how she has these ghosts that have followed her
- •• '00 _______ _ ___

from one house to the next, and were all sitting in the living room
all of us and she starts talking about it and all of the sudden I hear
somebody running up and down the hallway upstairs above us and
we were all downstairs so it was kind of creepy.
Texture: I believe this story one hundred percent because I was
there when it happened and there are quite a few more stories to
come that have to do with her and her ghosts .
Item 12
Old house
Context: The same friend that had the ghost running up and down
the halls also had an old house that she lived in back when she was
a little girl still living at her parents house.
Text: So this friend said she has been followed by ghosts like her
whole life anyway there was an old, old house that she lived in in
• providence across the street from the maverick where they built
- --- - - ---------

that new car wash and stuff, and she lived in there and said it was
really haunted and she said one day she came back from school
walked in and there was someone sitting on her couch and there
was an old lady sitting on her couch in a black veil in all black
sitting and staring forward and she ran in the kitchen and came
back and the lady was gone.
Texture: I believe all of the stories this girl tells because a fair
amount of these stories actually have proof anyways and that
makes it even more awesome .
Item 13
Old House Picture
Context: I have actually seen the newspaper clipping that has the
picture of the man standing in the window of this house and it is
one of he coolest pictures I have ever seen
Text: ok so my same friend that lived in that same creepy house
across from where the maverick was said that it was haunted by
• this old man and I guess when they tore that house down to build

I •

the carwash there the newspaper was there and took a picture of
the house and they all started freaking out because they were
bulldozing it and the newspaper guy said that there was somebody
there and anyways they printed this picture in the paper and you
could see the silhouette of the man in the upstairs window as they
were tearing it down.
Texture: like I said I have seen the picture of the newspaper with
the guy in the upstairs window and it is really creepy, but totally
awesome! That is a picture that will make a person that is curious
about ghosts a believer .
Item 14
Ghost Girl
Context: I knew this story even before my mom did because our
friend told me this herself, this happened in that old house she
lived in in providence back when she was a little girl.
Text: k so my again my friend that has been living in haunted
houses her whole life told me one morning her mom was yelling at
her to get up one morning and she was taking her time and her
mom was getting mad and she is facing the wall and her mirror is

on the wall and she said she opened her eyes and this girl that
looked like she was on skates or something because she wasn't
walking went like walking by her door and shot her this big 01
dagger and just kept going on by.
Texture: I really like this story because I can actually like see it
playing through my head and it's a really cool story, personally I
think I would freak out and lose my mind and never sleep in that
house again .
Item 15
Mysterious Door
Context: I was actually in the room when this happened and saw it
with my own two eyes.
Text: So me, my dad and my brother we were all just hanging out
watching TV and out of nowhere our closet door in my parents
room opens up and it's weird because there wouldn't be a draft
or anything in there. So yeah, that's about it.
Texture: This was really freaky because we were all just sitting

there talking and the door just opened. It's really weird because
that closet door always swings shut after you open it so when it
opened all by itself it was creepy!
• Item 16
Helping Hands
Context: I never heard this story before but I found it pretty
interesting. I would like to find this story and read more about it.
Text: K several years ago in a small Wyoming town, this is true
I don't remember exactly where. There was I believe a man and a
woman that were in trouble with the law. lean 't remember why
exactly but they went into an elementary school first thing in the
morning and held the kids and the teachers hostage. And it wasn't
• a big school so but there were plenty of kids and they took them
into the gym and they had guns and urn I can't remember they
threatened to blow them up I think. And so anyway the police and
everybody found out and surrounded it but all the kids were scared
And did what the teacher told them but urn eventually I don't
remember if they one of them got shot or something I wish I could
remember better. But kids came and they were being helped out
the window by these different people and stuff and the kids said
• after that they had actually had seen people there that were just

---,- ,----------_._ .
kinda floating they didn't have legs or feet. And they saved, I don't
think anybody got hurt any of the kids or teachers. But later on
they were trying to describe who it was that helped them because it
wasn't any of the towns people or anything. And so a lot of the
families got out their photograph albums and they were looking
through and the kids would say that is the person that helped me.
And it would be their great great grandma or great great grandpa
that they never met. And that is a true true story. But there was a
of them that were helped by an ancestors that had passed on years
and years before.
Texture: I really like this story and can't imagine being helped by
family that have already passed on. But then I think it would be
really cool to see some of them again .
----------------- .. _.. _ -_ ... __.. ... .
• Item 17
Footsteps in the attic
Context: I heard this story before and it's from the same people
that lived in the haunted houses their whole lives.
Text: OK so my friend Cody his mom when he was younger he
well his mom when he was younger she heard footsteps in her
attic when she was hanging out with his dad they were just
hanging out watching movies and they heard footsteps in the
attic so they thought they'd go check them out. So anyway they
• go check them out and they go walking up into the attic and
nothing was there. Then they went down and went to get some

flashlights came back and when they were on their way back they
heard footsteps on the ladder. So when they got back the footsteps
were gone. The very next day well not the very next but a few
weeks later they heard the very same thing but only in the attic
they didn't want to go check it out. But that is what he told me so
that is pretty much it.
Texture: My little brother heard this story from his friend that
lives in this house and he is so, so sure that his friends house is
Item: 18
Context: I have actually heard this type of story before in my
mythology class.
Text: so I heard this story about this guy that was driving down
this road and he saw a girl hitch hiking so he picks her up and she
was pretty cold so he gives her his lettermen's jacket and drops her
off at her house and then realizes that he forgot to get his jacket
back so the next day he goes back to this house and says I need to
• get my jacket back is Susan here? And they said I am sorry Susan
died twenty years ago. He said well no I saw her last night and I

gave her my jacket, the mom said well I can take you to her grave
they go to the cemetery and his lettermen jacket is on top of the
Texture: I don't think I really believe this story because I have
heard it be told in so many different ways so it sounds like
everybody kind of has their own spin on it. Or maybe it is true but
some of the translation has been shifted throughout all of the times
it has been told .

Item 19
Maiden on the Hill
Text: ok so many many years ago in high school there has been
this story about this maiden who was in love this man, well this
man went hunting up in the mountains and never came back, so
went looking for him and actually froze to death up there. And
every time the snow starts to melt in the spring you can see an
outline of her and its called maiden on the hill.
Text: I have seen this mountain before I the spring and its really
cool looking. You can actually see the girl and it looks like she is
walking across the mountain side. I had seen if before but hadn't
heard the story until now .

Item 20
The Pasture
Context: This is a friend of mine's property that some of my other
friends go up to in the summer time to have fires and hang out that
is up in Mt. Sterling and its pretty creepy and has some creepy
things going on around it all the time.
Text: Ok so my friends own this property where it is kind of
secluded from everything else in Wellsville. And whenever we go
down there to sleep out there or just hang out. We always hear
something running across the river a few hours after we get there
and there are always just twigs around us breaking and footsteps
and we always see something white darting in between trees. One
day while leaving me and one of my friends we saw something big
and white jumping from tree to tree and after we saw that we were
out of there.
Texture: This in my eyes is all true because I have been down
there before and I agree with the things running towards us in the
river and then nothing ever shows up. I still however haven't seen
any white things jumping tree to tree there before but hey anything
is possible I guess .


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