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Kaw Lay in his home (1 of 2)

Kaung Lay in his home.

Kaung Lay was born in Burma. When asked why he left Burma, Kaung Lay said that civil wars were ravaging the country, leading to much destruction and suffering. He and his family moved around several times inside Burma to escape the violence, until finally leaving the country for Thailand. The worst part, however, was the actual move: his wife emigrated first, taking their two children with her. Once they arrived they were able to earn a little money, allowing Kaung Lay to join them.

Khin Mar Cho holding a black and white blouse she sewed

Kaung Lay's wife, Khin Mar Cho, with a sample of her traditional Burmese sewing.

Kaung Lay and his family have been living here in Logan five or six years. Kaung Lay works at JBS Meat Packing plant in Hyrum, and Khin Mar Cho, his wife, sews clothing to help supplement their income. He is most proud of the fact that his children can go to school and get a good education for free. His greatest dream is to see his children get good jobs, and not have to do hard physical work like he does.  


Kaung Lay talks about fleeing Burma.

Kaung Lay talks about wanting to return to Burma.

Kaung Lay talks about his dreams for the future.