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Ka Sin and his children with his interviewers, May 17, 2015

Ka Sin and his family being interviewed by our research team.

Ka Sin was born December 18, 1967. He was born in Burma, where he remembers three seasons; summer, rainy and foggy. He has a wife, Ser Gerda, and four children. He lived in Burma until he was 25 years old, then moved to Thailand where he worked for 3 years. Unfortunately, he was forced to relocate to a refugee camp in Thailand because of civil war. This made Ka Sin very sad because he loves Burma. While in the refugee camp, he would arise at 4 a.m. to walk to work in a nearby Thai city. Sometimes, the guards of the camp would not allow him to leave to go to work. They would tell him that the little rice and oil the refugees were given was enough for his family. They did not have access to meat or vegetables unless they could work for money.         

He journey to America went through Bangkok, Japan, New York, California and then he arrived in Salt Lake City, Utah where he worked for one year at the LDS Church-owned Deseret Industries. While working at Deseret Industries, he learned a little English. He currently works at JBS meat processing plant. He continues to arise early to provide for his family, however, the language gap makes it difficult for him to feel part of the community. When asked, what the difference is between living in the refugee camp and living in Logan, Utah, Ka Sin replied, “it is the difference between brown and sky.”

Ka Sin talks about the difference between life in the camp and in the US.

Ka Sin talks about working in the US.

Ka Sin talks about what he is proud of and his dreams for the future.