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Sa Jan currently lives in Cache Valley, Utah. She is the mother of three children: Sa Me Ma, Atwar, and Sabei Phu. Sa Jan was born in Burma and her family moved to a Thailand refugee camp when she was just two years old. She stayed there for eighteen years. She had minimal schooling where she learned Karen, Burmese, and a little English. She met and married her husband, Hay Yar Dar in the camp. Sa Jan still has friends living in the Thailand refugee camp and misses them dearly. She is proud to be in the United States. She hopes her older and younger daughters will become doctors because they save lives, and that her son will be a professor of religion. Sa Jan wants to learn English and take the Citizenship Test.

Sa Jan talks about life in the refugee camp.

Sa Jan talks about conditions in the camp.

Sa Jan talks about fleeing Burma.