Farmers and Housekeepers Conference

Farmer's Encampment, 1924;

Not only did the College bring the campus to the communities, but beginning in 1896, it began sponsoring Farmers and Housekeeper Conferences on it's campus in Logan, Utah.

"The summer encampments under the direction of the extension division, replaced the Farmer's Roundups and Housekeepers Conference held in towns over the state during the winter months. These summer encampments combined profitable learning and family outings. Hundreds would gather on the south lawn; county agents, college faculty members, and imported specialists would be ready with their latest information in the areas called for at that convention. Such problems as crops, dairying, marketing or account keeping were possibilities to be included for men; child care, nutrition, home management, interior decoration, sewing, tailoring, and remodeling for the women. Dancing- folk or ballroom, swimming lessons, and supervised games were planned for the children as well as the adults. Coach J.R. Jensen directed games during a play hour out in the quadrangle in the evening." (Remembering E.G. Peterson, p 100).


Announcements for Farmer's Conference sometimes called Farmer's Roundup


"In Utah we have passed from agricultural pioneering somewhat suddenly to a condition which forces us to recognize  national and world markets" President Peterson

The Farmer's Institute taught farmers how to adjust to that new market.

Pictures of the Farmers' Encampment Participants

Encampment News

Utah State Farmer's Institute Program