Smith-Lever Act

County Agent with Car

Passage of the Smith-Lever Act in 1914 solidified the College's mandate for Co-operative Exension through establishment of Co-operative Extension offices with agents established at the county level.

County Agents organized yearly programs demonstrating new agricultural techniques to Utah's farmers. While the Extension Service's county agents helped the State's farmers, its home demonstration agents advised rural women about nutrition, homemaking, and sanitation. All agents prepared annual federal reports of the year's accomplishments and plans for the coming year. These reports contained a wealth of information on rural life in Utah: crop production, livestock, dairying, wool marketing, irrigation, weed and pest control, home economics, clubs and community events, etc.

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County Agent Reports for Weber County

County Agent Reports for Cache County

County Agent Reports for Davis County

Above is just a sampling of the annual reports Merrill-Cazier Library's Special Collections and Archives has on its shelves for Cache, Davis and Weber counties.


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Cache County Extension Annual Reports

Davis County Extension Annual Reports

Weber County Extension Annual Reports