Amalgamated Sugar Company

Amalgamated Sugar Company, Nyssa, Oregon
Amalgamated Sugar Company in Nyssa, Oregon

The Amalgamated Sugar Company began as a cooperative effort to give each share holder an equal vote in the company. As time went on this effort failed as the main shareholders gained more and more power and gained control over the company. 

As this company grew they expanded from their original sites of Odgen and California and went into Logan, an area around Smithfield, Lewiston and into Idaho. [1] This economic growth also changed the environment around them.

The area near Smithfield became Amalga, named for the Amalgamated Sugar Company, [2] even going so far as to name the town center, Sugar Park.

This company affected not only the economy for sugar beet growers, but also influenced the environment with new beet fields and by giving name to a town that previously only had a population of a few.

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