Cache National Forest Files

After touring the Bear River Range and seeing the damage caused by logging and overgrazing, Albert F. Potter wasted no time in recommending the area be set aside as a forest reserve. On May 29, 1903, President Theodore Roosevelt signed a proclamation creating the Logan Forest Reserve. The original name, Logan Forest Reserve, was later changed to Cache National Forest. Managing the newly created national forest was a challenge. Settlers were used to doing things their own way and were often slow to respond to government-sponsored grazing regulations and restoration projects. This section contains some of the earliest records available dealing with the Cache National Forest. Included are general reports, ecological studies, and correspondence between foresters and locals. Together, these documents highlight the challenges forest managers and forest users faced in attempting to restore the Cache Valley and Bear River Range environments.

Reports of the State Fish and Game

Reports on Watersheds


Inspection Reports

History of Cache National Forest