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USU Student Organic Farm

USU Student Organic Farm

USU's Student Organic Farm (SOF) is a student-run organization that grows organic food for the community. An interview with Jennifer Reeve, faculty advisor to the organization, explained how the farm was managed.She said that students manage all aspects of the farm, from growth and harvesting to sales and marketing. These are hands-on experiences that university students can practice with the support of faculty and peer mentors before applying them for themselves. [1]

University classes use the greenhouses during the winter before transferring their plants outside in the early spring. After harvest, the produce is sold locally through CSA shares and on the USU campus. 

Farmers of all experience levels work for the SOF, from full-time employees and interns to regular community members who simply enjoy gardening. The organization is a great place to learn and practice healthy eating and sustainable farming practices. 

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To learn more, get involved, buy a share, or just check out what's new visit USU's Student Organic Farm!

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