Isaac Sorensen and the Sorensen Family


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The Sorensen Family

Cache Valley, Utah, has one of the most fascinating stories in western American history. Within its wonderful mountainous landscape in northern Utah, there is a narrative that must be told. Northern Utah has provided a wonderful story of triumph and diversity. From the Valley’s rich Native American presence, to the Spanish exploration (in 1540), to the Mormon settlement (in 1847), to its captivating religious and pioneer history during its tenure as a territory (1850-1896), Cache Valley has been one of America’s best kept secrets.

With this rich historical narrative in mind, it may be helpful to provide an example of a true family of pioneers. That brings us to Isaac Sorensen’s family in Mendon, Utah. The Sorensen family provides us with their truly captivating story and settlement in Mendon. This exhibit sets out to offer a small sample of the key players in the development of Mendon. The aim of this exhibit is simple: provide easy access to those in the community and researchers, and articulate Mendon’s past to better understand its present. The exhibit provides primary documents, letters, diaries, photos, and minutes.



  • Concept and text developed by Sorensen family, exhibit facilitated by USU
  • Isaiah Jones (exhibit creation)
  • Dan Davis (photograph curator)
  • Rosie Liljenquist (metadata)
  • Liz Woolcott (advisor)
  • Branson Roskelley (advisor)