“I Always Wanted a Dictionary!”: The Logan Rotary Dictionary Project

Kent Hauter Presents Dictionaries, January 2018
Rotarian Kent Hauter presenting dictionaries to third graders in Cache Valley, 2018 [click to enlarge]
(Utah State University Merrill-Cazier Library, Special Collections and Archives, Logan Rotary club papers, Manuscript Collection 234.)

Many might assume that with the prevalence of technology in today’s classrooms, a physical paper dictionary might be out of place or even unwanted. However, the Rotarians, teachers, and students all love the hard copy books. A third grader at a January 2018 distribution, Autumn, beamed while stating that she always wanted a dictionary, but didn’t have enough allowance money to buy one of her own.[4] With their dictionaries in hand, the students enjoy looking at maps, the longest word in the English language, and definitions of unknown words. Of all Logan Rotary’s local endeavors, the Dictionary Project stands out as one of the year’s most anticipated and significant service events.

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