“The Best Ribs You Have Ever Had”: Rotary’s Legacy of Food and Fellowship 

Rotary 2013 Jeep Ride
The White Truck Caravan at the 2013 annual Rotary Jeep Ride [click to enlarge]
(Utah State University Merrill-Cazier Library, Special Collections and Archives, Logan Rotary club papers, Manuscript Collections 234.)

In addition to food and socials, Rotarians also embark on adventures both for fun and fellowship. Every year, a few intrepid members take to the back roads of Cache Valley, mapping the perfect scenic route for their band of Rotarians and their caravan of white trucks. After selecting the itinerary, the Rotarians take a picturesque trek through the hills.[2] This event began in 1963 as a trip to view Old Ephraim’s grave and transformed over time into today’s Jeep Ride. To many Rotarians, the Jeep Ride has become the highlight of their year. Rotarians bring along food, cameras, and their jovial attitudes as they summit peaks and take in the beauty of roads less travelled. When Salt Lake City hosted the 2007 RI Convention, Logan’s Rotarians held a Jeep Ride through Big Cottonwood Canyon to share their club’s favorite social event with Rotarians from around the world.[3] Much like delectable barbecue, the Jeep Ride fosters friendships among Rotarians.

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