An Uncertain Future: Logan Rotary and the Great Depression

Rotary International Reports on the National Recovery Administration, 1933-1934
Rotary International reports on the NRA, 1933-1934 [click to enlarge; click again to browse all pages]
(Utah State University Merrill-Cazier Library, Special Collections and Archives, Cardon Family Papers, Manuscript Collection 481 Series I, Box 1, Folder 20.)

While Logan City struggled during the Depression (at one point issuing a city-wide script to replace the dollar), Logan Rotary maintained a level course.[3] In an economy where many local businesses failed to stay afloat, joining Rotary seemed like a potential lifeline. As a result, Logan Rotary actually grew in membership from forty-six members in 1930 to sixty-eight by 1939.[4] With increasing membership, the club continued to serve the community by donating books to the Blacksmith Fork Canyon Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Camp and assisting in restoration efforts of the Wellsville Mountain Watershed. Although individual businesses may have struggled during the economic crisis, the club survived its challenging second decade.

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