An Introduction to Rotary

What is the Rotary Club?, 1929
What is the Rotary Club?, 1929. This promotional pamphlet provides a brief overview of the Rotary Club and its ideals. [click the image to enlarge; click again to view all pages in the document]
(Utah State University, Merrill-Cazier Library, Special Collections and Archives, Manuscript Collection 234, Box 3, Item 3.)

A century ago, the Ford Model T, propeller planes, and radios constituted cutting-edge technology. Women wore long, flowing dresses, and men strolled about with smartly pressed suits and straw boater hats. As the United States waltzed into the Roaring Twenties, many Americans retained service-centered attitudes developed during the First World War, and in an atmosphere of excitement, technological, and societal change, men’s service organizations exploded across the country, including in rural Logan, Utah. The Logan Rotary Club, founded on June 17, 1919, became the third of its kind in the state behind the Salt Lake City and Ogden organizations.[1] Logan Rotary also claims the proud distinction of being the 512th club established in a global network that today includes more than 35,000 clubs.[2] After 100 years of incorporation, Logan Rotary offers a rich and entertaining history.

[1] Logan Rotary Founding Charter duplicate, May 4, 1944, Logan Rotary Club papers, Manuscript Collection 234, Utah State University Merrill-Cazier Library Special Collections and Archives (SCA), Logan, Utah (hereafter the Logan Rotary Club papers will be referred to as LRCP). The Rotary Charter duplicate lists June 7, 1919, as the incorporation date of the club, however, previous histories recognize Rotary International’s official acceptance of the Logan club which has June 17, 1919, as the founding date. 
[2] The Founding Charter lists Logan Rotary as club number 512. However, the Logan Rotary website states that they are club 1069.