The Next Century of Service

Logan Rotary club Street Pole Banner
A Logan Rotary pole banner on Logan’s Main Street. [click to enlarge]
(Utah State University Merrill-Cazier Library, Special Collections and Archives, Logan Rotary club papers, Manuscript Collection 234.)

On June 17, 2019, Logan Rotary turned 100 years old, a substantial achievement by any means. The longevity of the club exhibits the staying power and appeal of a service club in Logan. However, similar to the club’s first century, the next 100 years of Logan Rotary are full of uncertainty. Logan’s Rotarians will need to continue to adapt to the times and to meet the changing needs of the community. It may seem as Jim Jarvis stated, “People have so much to do nowadays. A club don’t mean as much to them socializing as it used to be.”[1] While the future may seem uncertain in a world that travels at the speed of technological development, there are many reasons to be optimistic that Logan Rotary will continue for the next century. 

Current club members’ dedication to the organization is evident even in a casual conversation. Rotarians have a passion for service and for living a life of impact. The club’s legacy of successfully adapting to a changing American culture also lends to its continued longevity. Additionally, Logan Rotary recognizes the challenges it faces and, in response, adopted proactive policies to ensure that the organization will be around for another century. As Ben Jarvis optimistically stated, “I want to think . . . that [the] pendulum is coming back around, that people see the value of what we do . . . and why we do it.”[2] 

[1] Jim Jarvis interview.
[2] Ben Jarvis interview.