Once an Aggie, Always an Aggie


Over the years, Aggie traditions have advanced, declined, or adapted to fit changes in the student body. For example, Aggies have long taken pride in their friendliness, leading to the installation of the “Hello Walk” along the Quad’s north side. Friendly feuds between the staffs of the student newspaper and the yearbook, between sophomores and freshmen, and between foresters and engineers once prevailed on campus. Today, former traditions such as the water fight between Sophies and Freshies and the war-of-words between the editors of Student Life and Buzzer has disappeared, along with the Homecoming Tug-Of-War between the classes. Even the once raucous rivalry between Engineers and Natural Resources students has quieted to just a smattering of Paul Bunyon’s large, blue boot-prints painted surreptitiously on the sidewalk each spring. Homecoming itself is one of the oldest Aggie traditions. Throughout the years, a variety of activities have come to life under the umbrella of Homecoming.[1] Explore this section of the exhibit for information on the Homecoming Queen Pageant, the Block A, homecoming celebrations among the Greek Houses on campus, and other favorite Aggie traditions. 

Posters featuring traditional Homecoming events

[1] Parson, 10-13.