Football Programs


The football programs on this page were produced to be sold or handed out at football games. Here we have compiled several of the Homecoming programs in full for you to peruse if you would like. Of especial interest are the advertisements from local sponsors and the Homecoming messages. In order to see the entire program, click twice on the image.[1]

These programs are from the first 30 years of Homecoming history, 1930-1960. As you can see, most of the covers feature hand-drawn artwork. They were printed on a paper similar to newsprint. [click to enlarge, click again to browse all pages]

During the 1960s, football programs became more uniform throughout the conference and the NCAA. Hand-drawn art was replaced by staged photographs and they began to be printed on magazine paper similar to what is used today. [click to enlarge, click again to browse all pages]

[1] Football Programs, 1900 - / Intercollegiate Athletics. University Archives
Record Group 16.1/2:55. Utah State University Merrill-Cazier Library Special Collections and Archives. Logan, Utah.