The Homecoming Parade


Homecoming parades are some of the most well-recognized traditions of Homecoming. At USU, the Homecoming Parade has always been held in downtown Logan and has traditionally been attended by community members, students, and faculty. Today it is a popular event which brings together the university, local businesses, and community organizations. 

Float themes were picked out months in advance of Homecoming and the planning and execution could take several weeks. For especially large celebrations, similar methods are still used today although many floats are now commercially produced. 

In the 1960s and 70s, photographic technology had developed to the point where it was mobile and easily accessible for all kinds of events. As a result, homecoming parades were heavily photographed during this time. For those who are interested in exploring this era of Homecoming, feel free to click through these galleries of parade photos. [click to enlarge, click again to browse all pages]