Homecoming at USU

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Utah State students have celebrated Homecoming continuously since 1930, except for one year during World War II. Alumni and community members flock to campus, making it an important time to interact with each other and get to know one another as part of the Aggie family. As such, a marketing campaign is put on every year to invite everyone to the celebration. Below are advertisements, schedules, and other marketing materials designed to invite Aggies old and new to campus. 

A Newsworthy Event

Homecoming has always been a newsworthy event for the student publications on campus. The first student-published newspaper was called Student Life and began as a monthly magazine in 1902. Its publication varied between weekly, bi-weekly, and almost daily. In 1978, it was renamed as The Utah Statesman and is still published today as a weekly paper.[1] Following are a few examples of Homecoming in the news on campus. 

[1] Robert Parson, Encyclopedic History of Utah State University (Unpublished Manuscript), 138-139.