The Block A


One of the most recognizable features of the USU campus is the Block A, which currently stands near the steps of Old Main. The Block A was originally constructed by the University's Beno Club, which had formerly upheld a tradition of kissing at the top of Old Main's bell tower. After moving to several different locations on campus, including a brief stint in storage, it was placed at its current location and the official tradition of becoming a "True Aggie" by kissing another True Aggie on top of the Block A was born. Today, students can only become True Aggies on full moon nights by kissing someone who is already a True Aggie. Homeocing is one of only two nights (the other is A-Day) when two people can become True Aggies at the same time. 

On April 22, 2016, students celebrated the 100th anniversary of the original construction of the Block A with a special True Aggie Night. Many alumni returned to campus and, in the spirit of Homecoming, once again experienced the True Aggie Magic.