Homecoming Dances


Originally, USU held Homecoming Dances for returning alumni. These formal events occurred first at the Student Union Building and, later, at the Alumni House. The dance often included a banquet, as well. Attendance was by invitiation only, and the Alumni Association invited all of the Alumni on their records. As a result, these dances were multi-generational evenings for reminiscing and networking with fellow Aggies. 

Series of photographs of the 1965 alumni banquet
The 1962 Homecoming Alumni Dance and Banquet
Series of photographs of the 1966 homecoming alumni banquet
1966 Alumni Dance and Banquet

For those who are interested, this is a gallery of photographs from the Alumni Dance and Banquet in 1962 and 1966. [click to enlarge, click again to browse all images]

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