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Alumni page from the 1921 Crimson Annual
Page from the 1921 Crimson Annual

This great body of men and women who are working for the interest of our College and for a bigger, higher life for themselves, should be an inspiration to the future generation of B. Y. Students.” —The 1917 Crimson Annual

Seventy-eight former students organized the Alumni Association in May 1893. This number increased to 890 with the 1917 graduating class, as noted in the 1917 Crimson Annual. This entry goes on the describe the Alumni Association’s aim as “promot[ing] in every proper way the interests of the College, and to perpetuate among the graduates a feeling of regard for one another, and of attachment to their Alma Mater. In order that they may live up to the aim, a committee has been appointed whose special duty is to know where all members are and what they are doing.” The 1894–95 circular notes that “all those who hold certificates or diplomas of graduation from the College, or who complete the College Preparatory, Normal, Business, General Science, or Letters course, are eligible for membership.” The association met each year the day before the commencement ceremonies.

The Alumni Numbers began in 1903 as a way to establish a “medium of communication between the graduates of the College . . . in which a brief record of the events and achievements in the lives of the alumni can be recorded, and to which we can go for information concerning the addresses and occupations of our old school friends.” President Linford suggested the creation of this publication, whose annual issues were “entirely managed and the expense of its publication met by the Alumni Association.”

The Alumni Numbers included below often contained profiles and photographs of many past students, several of whom went on to be prominent in their chosen fields. Also included in many of these issues are editorials from alumni association officers and a listing of alumni by class along with each member’s current city and state.

To view the Alumni Numbers, click on an image of a cover below. This will open a new page describing that particular publication. Then click on the large image of the publication in order to scroll through the pages of that publication. The Special Collections & Archives at Utah State University maintains copies of many of the Alumni Numbers but does not have a full run nor is it known if an Alumni Number was issued every year; therefore, there are gaps in the list of publications presented below in this digital exhibit. 

The Alumni Numbers


The BYC Alumni Association often held an annual reunion and banquet during commencement weekend. Reunions still occurred after the closing of BYC, although with less frequency. The reunion banquets during the late 1950s and early 1960s were held in the Student Union Building on the campus of Utah State University.  

First Annual Reunion, B.Y.C. TRAINING SCHOOL, Class of 1924-25 (May 2, 1981) Menu
First Annual Reunion, B.Y.C. Training School, Class of 1924–25 Menu (May 2, 1981)

The 1981 BYC Training School Reunion

A reunion of the first grade class of the 1924–1925 BYC Training School took place on May 2, 1981, at the Bluebird Restaurant. An account of the reunion written for the Herald Journal described the event:

“One of the most unusual and unique reunions in the history of Logan schools was held this May at the Bluebird in Logan as all living members of the Brigham Young College Training School first grade class of 1924–25 gathered for this memorable occasion. Out of state people came from Boise, Denver, San Fafael and Glendale, California. The class was comprised of 20 people with two deceased and all 18 of the remaining were present.

It all started when class member Reed Garff found an old faded picture . . . which was taken in 1924. Paul Coburn, of Salt Lake City, had the picture enlarged and did several weeks research identifying and tracing the people on the picture.

Theme of the reunion was, “The Way We Were,” and all class members sent in childhood and baby pictures which were shown on a big screen. A paper [written by Paul Coburn], “Brigham Young College, Its Beginning, History and End,” was presented by Agnes Stewart Zollenger.”

Second grade class of 1925, BYC Reunion in 1981
BYC Training School first grade class of 1925 at the reunion in 1981

Class members present at the reunion: Guy Cardon, Kathryn Bowen, Paul Coburn, Ruth Johnson Rice, Agnes Cassidy Stewart Zollinger, Reed Garff, Owen Darley, Kathleen Smith Rabb, Russell Borchert, Ray Gibbons, Edith Redford, Mary Gale Blair, Heber Amussen, Mary Lenkersdorfer Cooper, Westerdahl Gudmunson, Joyce Allred, Winston “Bud” Henderson, Ethel Hodges, and Oetta Baugh Hollands. Deceased class members at the time of the reunion were Dilworth Jensen and Loyal Cook.

In his paper read at the 1981 reunion, Paul Coburn quoted some lines from the school song:

“For we know in our hearts

That thou never shall die

While the Children Remember B.Y.”

Coburn then closed the paper by stating, “We are among the last of the Children of BYC and are here to remember.” 

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