The Campus

Brigham Young College from North-east
View of Brigham Young College from the northeast (from the 1899 catalogue)

Arnold K. Garr describes the campus at the end of its principle years of growth (1894–1909) with “the north end of the Logan river [running] through the school’s property, naturally dividing it into the upper and lower campus. The upper campus was beautifully landscaped with walks, driveways, shrubbery and flowers. On this campus was situated the president’s house, the Mechanical Arts Building, the East Building, the West Building, Nibley Hall and the Laboratory Building. These buildings contained over one hundred rooms including a large library, a well-equipped gymnasium, a swimming pool, and an excellent auditorium.” Garr also describes the lower campus “as a level area across the river from the buildings. It provided an ideal athletics field second to none in the state. It was equipped with a new stadium with a seating capacity of a thousand. The lower campus also had a cinder track, a well-kept football and baseball field and a cement tennis court.”

Timeline of the Main Buildings Utilized and/or Constructed by BYC

Brigham Young College - Upper Campus, showing locations of buildings
Brigham Young College—Upper Campus, showing locations of buildings (from the 1899 catalogue)

1878: BYC opened in rented rooms of the Logan City Hall (Lindquist Hall)

1883: Classes held in basement of the Logan Tabernacle

1884: The East Building is constructed

1897: The West Building is erected

1906: The Mechanic Arts Building is completed

1907: Nibley Hall is constructed

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